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You may not be able to afford the cabin home you want today but you can utilize a log cabin layaway program. These easy to use layaway programs allow you to lock in the price of you log cabin and begin making monthly payments.

There are many companies that offer log cabin layaway. Here are some of the best companies that offer you the option of a layaway program for your log cabin.


DreamLogHome offers you the ability to place the log cabin on layaway for up to 2 years. All you need to do to get started is put down a $500 down payment and then start making monthly payments for up to two years.

At the end of two years you will own all you need to build your log cabin. You simply need to find the land or lot you want to build on and then decide if you will assemble the log cabin yourself or if you will hire a professional log cabin builder to assemble your logs into your dream home.

With DreamLogHome, as well as most other log cabin layaway programs, you can pay off the layaway balance at anytime and then you will usually receive shipment of you logs within 30-45 days.

DreamLogHome has a huge variety of log cabins plans you can select from. You can choose a simple and rustic log cabin or you can choose one of their elaborate cabins with multiple rooms and bathrooms


With $2,000 down you can lock in the price of your cabin for 2 years. You have 2 years to pay at least 10 percent of the total cost. At the end of the layaway period you need to pay off the remaining balance. If you pay off the balance at the end of the layaway period you receive the locked in cabin price.

If you happen to be struggling financially and cannot pay of f the balance at the end of the two year layaway period you still receive full credit for purchasing your log cabin when you can afford to but the price may rise as it will no longer be locked in.

The money you pay to FreeLogHomes.com during the layaway period is safe and secure. The money will be placed into an escrow account. You do not need to worry about this company going out of business because if they do your money will be returned to you by the escrow company.


10 percent down will lock in your price for 12 months on their log cabins that use the Lock-Tite Log Systems.


This log company allows you to place 10 percent down for their 2 year layaway program on any of their log packages. One of the popular log cabin kits they offer is the low cost Elk River cabin. This cabin has a cost of around $22,500 and many people are able to pay off the entire cost of this log cabin within the 2 year layaway program.


Sing Log Homes offers the standard 10 percent down to get started on their layaway program and to lock the cost of the cabin in place but they offer a 3 year layaway program.

SingLogHomes.com has an excellent FAQ on their website that explains how their cabins are built and why they think they are the best in the industry.


Golden Eagle Log Homes has a log cabin layaway plan. One of the positive things about using Golden Eagle Log Homes is that they have an extensive dealer network set up across the Country. It is generally much cheaper to deal with a log cabin company that is located nearby and Golden eagle Log Homes makes this easy for a lot of people with their extensive dealer network.

The extensive dealer network combined with the easy to use log cabin layaway plan makes Golden Eagle Log Homes a top choice to consider when looking at log home companies.


CabinFeverLogHome.com is the website for Heritage Log Homes. Heritage Log Homes offers the traditional log cabin layaway plan but it is not nearly as flexible as other companies. If you are not sure that you can pay in full within 12 months then look elsewhere for a log cabin layaway plan.

Research Log Cabin Layaway Plans and Companies

When you begin calling around and visiting log cabin dealers make sure you do extensive research. Read reviews online about the company. If a log cabin company offers you an excellent deal "for a limited time only" do not sign anything until you have thoroughly researched all of the companies on your list.

A log cabin is a great way to build a home. You can choose anything from elaborate mansion styled cabins to little pioneer style cabins and even pre-built log cabins.

Total Cost of Log Cabin Construction

In addition to the cost of the logs you will also have shipping fees, construction costs, electrical costs, basement fabrication, land cost, building permits, landscaping etc. Know approximately how much everything will cost you in addition to the logs and plan accordingly.

A reputable log cabin dealer will be honest and upfront about all of the extra costs you will incur during the construction of your log cabin. If you talk with a log cabin company who glosses over these facts then run like the wind. Do not sign any contract with a company that tries to hide fees and construction costs from you. Log cabin companies like these only want to sell logs and do not care that you are not aware of everything else involved.

Modular Log Home Construction

Consider using a modular log home system. You can start off with a smaller cabin and then as you can afford it you can order modular additions that can be added on to your current log home using the same modular system. If you are newlyweds you can start off with a simple one bedroom or even a studio style log cabin and then when the baby is on its' way you can order some additional log cabin modular components to enlarge the size of your cabin.

There are many other companies that offer layaway plans for log cabins but you need to extensively research all of them and never be quick to sign a contract.