Log cabin prices have a big difference now as compared to prices in the 1800s when it still looked quite basic and priced very cheap. Today however, these log cabin prices are far from cheap. In fact, some of these log homes cost more than the amount of the standard houses found in the urban areas. However, these prices are largely dependent on the size, quality and types of cabins as well as the materials used in building it. Some homeowners want their log homes to be sophisticated in design, to be very big and to be made with the best materials, like the use of cedar logs, which is very expensive. Given this case, the price of the cabin is understandably going to be sky-high. What used to be just a vacation home in the woods during holidays or hunting season have now become a residential choice for many resulting into the fast increase of the number of people wanting to have a log cabin built.

In estimating log cabin costs, one of the things to consider is the lot where you will have the log cabin erected. If you do not have one yet, you will have to buy a lot in a location of your preference and the cost for this purchase does not even include the cost of the home construction at all. Again, lot prices will depend on its size and location. It would be wise to get the size of lot that is just enough for the size of the log home you wanted to build plus some lawn space. Needless to say, having a simple and small log cabin will not cost much as having the big ones. Even in terms of designing, the small ones will not take a big amount to de done since it will not involve complex design. Even the materials, since it will only be used for a small log cabin will not be many, and would therefore not be very costly. A small log cabin is ideal as a second home in the rural areas, somewhere to have a breather, to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a relaxing place to rest for a while. Saving money on the construction of smaller log cabins is possible if you buy the materials in pieces and assemble the home yourself. Many instruction manuals are available online and since it is a simple structure, it is not hard to do. Otherwise, you can get the services of someone who can assemble it for you, which is still cheaper than buying one that is already built, ready for occupancy. The fad now is ordering log cabin kits which are delivered to you along with a step by step instruction on assembling it.

If you are, however, intent on having a log home that is quite big and luxurious, the design and assembly of such a home would involve a more complex process. It will not only involve a big amount but also a more experienced builder and contractor. It is not advisable to do it by yourself due to its complexity but that decision is up to you. You have the choice to have it built or buy it ready-made. Whatever you choose, be ready to pay a high price. Although expensive, these luxury log houses are simply great looking, located in the best areas with the best views, have state-of-the-art fixtures and are made of the best woods available thereby making it very sturdy and durable. Many celebrities and rich people own log homes as vacation houses. The best way to do this is get trustworthy and credible homebuilders to do the choosing for you to make sure you get your money's worth. The Internet abounds with hundred of these types of companies, which will extend all the services you will need in getting that dream log home. They can do the choosing for you with their cabin building plans ranging from as small as 89 square feet to more than 6000 square feet of log homes. Since the sizes greatly vary, so are the prices.

It is not easy to estimate log cabin prices and log cabin costs. Usually, it is cheaper to have it built than buy it ready made. To give you an idea, below are some of the estimated costs in building a log home. The average amount in constructing a log cabin in the United States is estimated at $90 to $110/sq.ft. turnkey. "Turnkey" refers to the home being built in a move-in state. The cost of the land is not included here as well as the improvements like landscaping, utility installation, road building, etc. The square foot referred to is simply just the living area or the floor area, excluding the basement and garage areas. For the basement space and the garage space, the approximate prices are at $35 to $55 per square foot. Covered decks have an estimated cost of $25 to $35 per square foot.

To illustrate, let us take for example a 2,000 sq. ft. log cabin with a main floor at the size of 1,500 sq.ft. and loft floor of 500 sq.ft. that has a full basement and two garage. We will make use of the $90 dollar estimate for the lower end areas and the $110 estimate for the higher end areas.

For the lower end, 2,000 sq.ft. x $90 = $180,000 for the house,
1,500 sq.ft. x $35 = $52,500 for the full basement
576 sq.ft. (standard size for two garage) x $35 = $20,160
Total Cost = $252,660 turnkey

For the high end, 2,000 sq.ft. x $110 = $220,000
1,500 sq.ft. x $55 = $82,500 for the full basement
576 sq.ft. x $55 = $31,680 for two garage
Total Cost = $334,180 turnkey

The prices of these log homes can also vary depending on the location. The more prime locations for log cabins command higher prices. In Colorado for instance, log homes cost $125 to $150 / sq.ft. The above price examples are prices of log cabin that were constructed either by you or a builder and contractor and do not include the land, the improvements, the landscaping, installations and other amenities. Buying a ready-made, ready for occupancy log cabins that are complete with amenities and all the fixtures needed will expectedly be much more expensive by even 100% or more than our sample prices above. Do the math and you will get a rough estimate of how much you will be spending if you opt to buy the ready made ones. The choice is yours.