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Log cabin rentals Alabama is a great place to rent a log cabin whether it is for a week or for all summer. There are many great places to rent a log cabin in Alabama. Alabama offers so much for outdoor related activities.

In Alabama you can hunt, fish, hike, and camp along with countless other activities. If you like to ride mountain bicycles or catch largemouth bass with a Carolina rig then Alabama is a great state to visit and rent a log cabin in.

Why Rent a Log Cabin In Alabama?

By renting a log cabin in Alabama you can experience a lot of the state that would not be possible if you were staying at an urban Motel 6 or other motel. A log cabin in or near a rural town will be so healthy to your family. You will be able to experience the great outdoors yet if you need to stock up on some more food or buy some fishing tackle you will be close enough to the small town to purchase what you need.

Log Cabins Alabama and Fishing

If you look you can find a log cabin to rent that is near many great fishing spots. You can catch so many fish that you can eat them every night if you choose too. The locals are extremely friendly all over Alabama and will be more than happy to share with you some tips on what catches the Large Mouth Bass and Walleye in their fishing waters.

A properly located cabin rental in Alabama can have you in the heart of some of the greatest fishing in the South. Many top professional fishermen are either from Alabama or have spent a lot of time fishing there. If you want to be a professional fisherman then renting a log cabin in Alabama and spending a summer fishing the local waters would be one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

Summer Log Cabin Rentals Alabama

Summers in Alabama can be extremely humid and if you are only use to the dry heat of the Western States then it may kick your butt. You can fight the humidity by swimming in the lakes and streams. You can also find pre-built hunting cabins for less money than a traditional cabin.

Winter Alabama Log Cabin Rentals

Winter time is a great time of year to rent a log cabin in Alabama. The rates are cheaper and you will be able to hunt and hike to your hearts content. Winters in Alabama are a lot milder then if you had rented a log cabin in Alaska.

Alabama Log Cabin Leases

If you like your stay in a log cabin in Alabama then you may decide you want to extend your stay and maybe move to Alabama. You can find log cabins for lease and rent throughout the State of Alabama. Alabama has a lot of great opportunities for anybody and the best way to live in the heart of Alabama is to live in a log cabin. Log cabins in Alabama are cheaper to rent then in other states such as Alaska and Northern California. Image Credit: (Flickr/JLS Media)