Log Cabin Rentals Alaska

Living in a log home in Alaska is a dream for many buy it is not possible for many people but you can find log cabin Rentals in Alaska to rent. You can choose the duration of your stay by renting an Alaskan log cabin for a single night, a week, a month, or even all summer.

Your choices for renting log cabins in Alaska are countless. You can choose a rustic cabin with no electricity and no indoor plumbing. You can also choose a luxurious mansion style cabin that comes complete with a butler and maid service.

There are many companies and individuals that rent log cabins in Alaska and here are a few places for Log cabin Rentals Alaska.

Kenai Peninsula Log Cabin Rentals Alaska

The Kenai Peninsula is loaded with log cabins that are in some of the most scenic land in the world. You can even rent a log cabin that is located directly on the Kenai River. You can fish literally from the front deck of your cabin in Alaska.

Some of the popular towns to rent cabins in and near while staying in the Kenai Peninsula include Soldotna, Homer, and Port Graham.

The Kenai Peninsula is one of the more popular regions too for log cabin rentals Alaska.

South Central Log Cabin Rentals Alaska

The South Central region of Alaska had a large number of log cabins for rent. South Central Alaska is home to the Tongass National Park. You could spend an entire year in South Central Alaska and never run out of new things to explore.

5 Main Regions of Alaska to Rent Log Cabins

Alaska can be broke down into 5 main areas:

  1. Inside Passage
  2. South Central
  3. Interior
  4. Western
  5. Northern

Regardless of which region you choose to find a log cabin rental in Alaska you will experience magnificent scenery and world class fishing. Alaska has a lot to offer regardless of your interests. If you are a photographer then you will always want to have your camera with you to snap pictures of all the wildlife and beautiful scenery you will encounter.

Winter Log Cabin Rentals Alaska

Renting a log cabin will generally cost you more during the summertime at peak tourist season. If you are brave enough and do not mind cold weather and heavy snowfalls then you can find a log cabin in Alaska to rent during the wintertime for heavily discounted rates.

Log Cabin Rentals Alaska

When doing your research about where you want to stay and what type of cabin style you want you need to consider your budget. For most people a quaint little cabin will be all they need. By the end of your stay most people will be making plans to eventually buy or build their own log cabin in Alaska.

Living in a log cabin is truly a joy. It does not matter whether you stay for a week or stay for a month because once Alaska log cabin living gets in your blood you will always have a soft spot for Alaska and may decide to do a log cabin layaway.