There are some truly iconic and recognizable brands of syrups including Aunt Jemimas', Mrs. Butterworth’s, and Log Cabin syrup. The Log Cabin syrups can be found at any grocery store in the United States. As popular as the syrup is, the company has switched owners a few times.

Log Cabin brand syrup began in 1887 by Patrick Towle.  In 1927 General Foods bought the Log Cabin syrup brand. In 1990 General Foods merged with Kraft, so the Log Cabin syrup was now under the Kraft Umbrella.

In 1997 Kraft sold Log Cabin syrup to another company called Aurora Foods. Aurora Foods went bankrupt and Pinnacle Foods gained ownership of the Log Cabin syrup brand.

According to the Log Cabin syrup website, the name Log Cabin was chose by Patrick Towle because his childhood hero was Abraham Lincoln. Abe Lincoln grew up in a log cabin, so Towle called his new line of syrup Log Cabin.

Pinnacle Foods owns not only the Log Cabin syrup brand, but also Aunt Jemimas’ and Mrs. Butterworth’s. Log Cabin syrup however stands out from the rest because the Log Cabin syrup does not use high fructose corn syrup. Log Cabin syrup is loaded with all natural sweetness from real sugar.

Log Cabin Syrup varieties include Log Cabin Original Flavor, Log Cabin Lite, and Log Cabin Sugar Free Syrup, and Log Cabin All Natural.

Periodically you can find Log Cabin syrup printable coupons Online. Log Cabin syrups often cost slightly more than other similar brands, however Log Cabin only uses real sugar and no high fructose corn syrup.

Log Cabin syrup tins are a collectable. You can find antique Log Cabin tins for sale at popular websites such as EBay. In addition to the antique Log Cabin tins, you can also find newer tins such as the 100th Anniversary Log Cabin tin for sale on Amazon at a very cheap price.

Log Cabin All Natural Problem

Pinnacle Foods sells Log Cabin All Natural in a jug. At first glance it may appear to be pure maple syrup, but some people from Vermont are outraged[2673] that this syrup only contains 4% maple sap, instead of 100% like real maple syrup does.

Vermont is worried that people will associate the taste of The All Natural syrup with true maple syrup, which could hurt future product sales for companies that sell try 100% maple syrup from Vermont.

Although I think the Natural Syrup tastes pretty good, it is nowhere near as tasty as pure maple syrup. It is however much cheaper than pure maple syrup.

The future of this company loooks very strong becuase this brand has so many loyal buyers, and can be found in stores all over. It is one of the most common pancake toppers in the Country.

This brand of pancake topping is one of the top brands. It has been arund for numerous years and has many loyal customers. Some people prefer to add jam or sprinkle some powedered sugar and cinnamon on their pancakes, but most people prefer to add butter and drench it with the sticky stuff.

The next time you go to a store and have trouble deciding which brand to buy, just remember that many of them are made identical. The only change you will get is if you opt to pay extra and get some authentic maple instead of the artifical syrup that we usually like to buy. Yes it does cost more, but you can truly tell a difference in the taste.

Vermont is legendary for many things, but the brand spoke about here is generally hated by people from Vermont who prefer the real stuff for their foods and not the fake stuff with heavy sugars and a lot of artificial ingredients. Most of the rest of us however do not tend to care how processed our food is. When we buy some sticky stuff for out pancakes there is a good chance we will buy the brand featured here. We like the flavor, we grew up with the flavor, and we will continue to give it to our children.

Bying syrup is just something we do and never really think about it, but the next time you buy some compare the different brands and prices and then look at the ingredients. You are buying some extremely sugary stuff loaded with sugars. Now look at the pure maple syrup. It is more expensive but the taste is so much better. Although the taste is much better you may still choose to buy the Cabin brand of Syrup simply becuase it is cheaper and your Brady Bunch style of family would bankrupt you if you bought them pure maple syrup.

The history of food combined with our perception of it as we remember it from childhood can present some unique tastes, but the Cabin branded syrup is one of those iconic pancake toppers that people from all over remember well from their childhood. The Log wood cabin syrup is definitely one of those foods that a lot of us like, when in reality we should eat pure maple syrup.