The iconic log cabin has been heavily modified in its basic construction over the last 50 years or so. No longer do we consider the log cabin in basic one room structure with a bare floor, instead we tend to view the cabin has an extremely fancy dwelling which can cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. The log cabin in its basic form is simply a one room house which provides the basic place for you to live. In between the basic log cabin and the extremely fancy log cabin there are numerous designs and floor layouts. One of the most popular forms is the A frame log cabin.

A properly designed log cabin can allow for infinite upgrades and modifications to the design. You can easily start with a single room basic log cabin, and then upgrade as you can afford it. You can add on another room to the single room log cabin and overtime you're single room log cabin can't be greatly enhanced and eventually be molded into a home that no longer resembles the basic structure it began as.

A single room basic log cabin beat built for little to no money. In basic client cabin structure can be built by most people regardless of their mechanical skills. You can also choose to buy a pre built one cabin kit and assemble it on site.

The basic log cabin kit will cost more than building a log cabin from scratch however I can have the structure built much quicker and if building permits are needed they will be much easier to obtain when purchasing a log cabin kit.

Purchasing the land to build your log cabin on will cost more than the actual log cabin kit in most situations. Running electricity, septic tank, and water will be the largest costs involved when assembling their log cabin.

If you buy some rural land that does not have power to the property and is a very remote you can often buy this land extremely cheap. If you are willing to live without power to the property in indoor plumbing that you can live extremely cheap. You may choose to use this as a summer cabin and read it to hunters in the wintertime, or you can also live here year round.

Once you get the basic log cabin structure assembled you can always add on later anything that you may want but could not afford initially. If you use solar cells or a windmill like turbine structure to provide power for you at your remote log cabin. The most important item is the basic a log cabin. You can always add on any extras in luxury is later.

Building for assembling a small Log cabin should be a joyous occasion and you should never have to mortgage your primary residence in order to fund a small log cabin project. Only you can decide if you should bill they log cabin from scratch or use a log cabin kit. Regardless of the type of log cabin style you build, your home will be part of Americana, and a long history of our founding fathers who lived in such structures.