The range of semi precious Lola Rose Jewellery has become very popular since they first exploded onto the Londo fashion scene in the year 2000. The brand's creator, Nicola Gewirtz, started with a very clear vision of what she wanted when she first began it. She was given a pricy piece of jewellery, and realized that she could make something cheaper and still of amazing quality.

She started with no business background, as she had been a personal assistant up to that point – she didn't even know what an invoice was, or how they worked. Understandably, it has been far from a smooth trip for her being in charge what is now a multi national fashion brand. Ms Gerwitz didn't let this stop her from going straight to the leading retail brands in London such as Harrods and House of Fraser in an attempt to get her brand off the ground and recognised. In the first meeting, she was swamped with a huge order, and others soon followed. She then had to work out logistics, and how exactly she would actually get them all made, while maintaining quality and price. She started having them made in London, but now produces them outside of the UK.

Gerwitz's vision of making affordable, yet still luxurious and elegant jewelry is still still being fulfilled with each new range she produces. She primarily uses semi precious stones in her collections, such as quartz, quartzite, sandstone, eye stone, with each of these being available in a large variety of colors.

Each piece of Lola Rose jewellery have many tyes of stone, and each of them are unique as they have colorations and markings which are entirely specific to that particular piece. Obviously the fittings of them, such as the Lola Rose Medium Sterling Silver Natural Blue Magnesite Ring which usually comes fitted completely sterling silver, with a blue magnesite stone shaped like a heart. Obviously, due to the fact that it is pure sterling silver, you should expect to pay more than $US100.

There are other pieces which can cost significantly less than this though. If you are in the market for a bracelet, the Lola Rose Bracelet - Madagasgar Eye Agate , is currently available for under $US40, despite the fact that it is crafted entirely from gold and Agate stones. It is a beautiful sandy color, so it will go with a wide variety of outfits as it is neutral in color.