Shooting is a game of concentration and endurance, and it is perhaps a game that may get overlooked sometimes. Olympic shooting is something very well known right from the very beginning of the Olympic Games and this sport has had the ability to endure its tradition and requirements throughout the Olympic events as a very interesting and enjoyable game which has been played by men and women alike.

There are many kinds of rifles and shotguns, pistols and air guns which are used in the shooting events. The targets of the Olympic shooting games include clay targets, trap and skeet events and stationary targets which have been positioned at different ranges as well. The London 2012 Olympics will have the same rules of the 2008 summer Olympics with fifteen shooting events for both men and women.

There are two stages of the competition and the first is the qualification and the other is the final stage. Once the shooter has reached the finals, he or she will have fewer shots to relay and the number of players by the time they reach the finals will be approximately eight in total. The three types of arms that are used are basically the rifle which is a shoulder mounted gun, the pistol which is a handgun and which is smaller than a rifle but the Olympic pistol refers to all kinds of handguns. And then finally you have the shotgun which is again a shoulder mounted long barreled gun which looks very much like a rifle but which is smooth in the inside of the barrel.

Rebecca Snyder of Canada has been considered to be one of the best Olympic shooting players in the history of this game competing in the 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics creating a very good record in the competition.

The rules for the Olympic shooting competitions have been studied and implemented by the United States in accordance with the Olympic federation and they are not really the same as those that are implemented for other kinds of shooting competitions, however, the game as such is one that requires for the practitioner to have a very good sense of concentration and skills which make the target whether it is a stationary or moving target to be the most important part of the whole sport.

The events include the rifle events which are done on stationary targets and which are generally of 300 meters or 50 meters, the pistol events which are again on stationary targets and have a range of 50 meters or 25 meters, the shotgun events which include the trap, the double trap and the skeet and the running target events which include the 50 meter running target and the 10 meter target events.

There is a lot of competition to be able to reach the best scores in this kind of sport and there are many that have been eliminated at the very beginning of their Olympic career, however, it is commendable to see they have actually being able to get to that stage in such a challenging game.