Must-See attractions for tourists

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London is a popular attraction for millions of tourists each year. The urban area contains an almost infinite number of activities throughout the large urban region. Historical attractions date from about 2000 years ago. London is an ancient city that began to thrive in the time of the Romans. Some major architectural buildings date from 1000 years ago. Palaces, bridges, churches and museums offer tourists a chance to experience an important living historical center.

There are many parks that each offer unique visiting opportunities. Some are famous such as Hyde Park while others such as Holland Park are locally popular but seldom seen by tourists. Hyde has the fabulous "Speaker's Corner" where people deliver speeches, on any topic, to the crowd who may not always listen politely. Holland Park features a beautiful Japanese garden and various attractions for children.

There have been many modern attractions built specifically for tourists including the London Eye, a sky-scraping Ferris wheel that offers views of the city from an elevation of 438 feet. From the top, on clear days, tourists can see features 25 miles away or more. Other attractions include a pedestrian bridge crossing the River Thames and various walking paths.

Historical churches in London include Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral. There are many smaller churches as well which offer much more relaxed viewing and quiet personal experiences. Many of the churches are of the Anglican Church of England faith but the Catholic, Jewish and other denominations are well represented in London.

The City of London

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The River Thames, Life of the City

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The Thames River is a focal point that wends through the core of London. It offers tourists a useful landmark and relaxing ways to get around the city. Travel on the Thames has been vital for thousands of years. The river is still a vibrant shipping route that is packed with cargo vessels. Tourists can view the diverse marine traffic as they walk along the Thames' shoreline paths. Various tourist vessels whisk tourists from one pier to another, completely bypassing the modern traffic congestion common on the roadways. From Greenwich, these services move upriver to Westminster and Waterloo piers.

The Tower of London is a popular stop along the way. Tourists may wish to purchase an all day pass for the river tour boats. Several of the operators provide a running commentary while underway. Information is given over the ship's speakers explaining the various interesting sights visible from the River Thames. These tours are among the most relaxing ways to spend time in London.

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Consider One of the Many Museums

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London museums include the National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert. Each museum offers a diverse collection of items, many of which are unique. There is no admission charge so tourists can spend either a few minutes to view a single item or spend a more lengthy period studying the exhibits. There are over 2,300 art masterpieces on display at the National Gallery which were created between the 1200's and the present. The collection includes 30 'must-see' items that are appreciated by many tourists each day. Those who enjoy modern eclectic artwork may want to ensure that they visit the Tate Modern. This facility focuses on art created in the latter half of the 20th century.

Well informed tourists usually use public transit in London. This is most often the best option. Automotive travel is difficult and expensive. North American drivers will have to contend with the requirement to drive on the opposite side of the road. The subway "Tube", buses, trains and taxi cabs run constantly between the various areas of London. There are travel options that fit any tourist budget level. The city of London is a major center of world transportation. Many visitors to Europe start their continental journeys in London. Travel to any point in England radiate from London everyday. Travel to other major destinations in the world is available as well from the major airports of Heathrow or Gatwick.

Millions of tourists have unique experiences in London each year. Returning tourists find new things to consider each time they arrive. London is one of the world's major tourist destinations. It is very welcoming to visitors and offers many excellent attractions for any duration of stay.

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London - Great for Return Visits

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London is one of the great cities of the world that visitors can experience again and again. There is so much to enjoy. From museums, to parks, to historic attractions, London has it all. New visitors find so much to do that they barely can find time to enjoy themselves. Returning tourists quickly find their favorite spots.

Anyone arriving in the great city will find that they don't have nearly enough time for everything. Even a visitor for a month will not be enough to take in absolutely everything. The area has been a historical crossroad for over 1,000 years. During that time, an incredible wealth of buildings, parks, culture, and more, have been developed.

Tourists may find that the mixture of cultures is quite amazing. The city, and country, have become home to many immigrants who have preserved their languages. Many visiting tourists are not native English speakers. As a result, tourists may encounter people from virtually anywhere at the popular attractions. French, Spanish, German, and many other languages, are heard everywhere. Many guidebooks are available in these languages. Most very popular attractions offer tours in English and many other languages.

London FinancialCredit: javrsmith

Financial District

Don't forget that London is a large commercial center. The financial district is one of the most important trading locations on Earth. There are fewer attractions for tourists in this area, but it is interesting, regardless. The daily market realities are fixed there. Some of the world's most important trades happen there. There is definitely a serious side, one that tourism scarcely touches.