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Listen and Learn

Whether you're studying a painting in the National Gallery, an artefact in the British Museum or taking a trip down the River Thames, then listening to a knowledgeable guide adds to the depth of your understanding and will make your visit far more meaningful and enjoyable.

If this is your first visit to London, take a city sightseeing open top hop on hop off bus tour at the beginning of your stay. This will be accompanied by a local guide who will point out all the major landmarks, famous buildings and areas of special interest and will answer any  questions you may have.

Once you have taken the complete bus tour you will, no doubt, have spotted museums, galleries or landmarks where you'd like to spend more time.London from the AirCredit: geograph.org.uk

Guided Walks

However, an alternative way to using the hop on hop off bus is to take one of the dozens of London Guided Walks that cover all areas and all aspects of a different London.

There are all kinds of walks to suit your particular interest or your fitness level but any one of these walks will leave you with a sense of satisfaction and more understanding of London's wonderful eclecticism.

The Variety of London Guided Walks

Just to give you a flavour of the range of walks, you can chViking Shoe, British MuseumCredit: flickr.comoose a guided walk about Jack the Ripper,  Ghosts of the Old City, The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, On the trail of Spies, Portobello Market and Notting Hill, The Old Jewish Quarter, The Old Chelsea Village Pub Walk, Haunted London, the Real World of Harry Potter, Little Venice, Docklands, Secrets and Splendours of St Paul's Cathedral and Old Westminster. There are lots more guided London walks to choose.

Leaflet about the Walks

There is a leaflet available giving details of all the walks each day and the time and meeting place for the start of the walk.

Jack the Ripper Guided Walk

Jack the Ripper was a serial killer around 1888 in the Whitechapel area. He murdered women prostitutes by cutting their throats and mutilating them. The case has never been solved and, as a result of so much speculation about the criminal, many myths and legends have been interspersed with genuine historical research.

The word ,'Ripperology', has been invented to define the study of the Ripper cases. As a result of this blend of fact and myth or legend, many fictional stories have been published.

The guide will take you to the murder sites and give details of the murders and the victims. The London of the gaslight era and frightening shadows set your nerves on edge.

You will be guided to The Ten Bells, the pub where the victims are supposed to have frequented, perhaps under the watchful eye of Jack the Ripper.

The Beatles Guided Walk

You will the film locations for ,'A Hard Day's Night', and 'Help'. You will see the registry office where two of the Beatles were married. The apartment where Ringo Starr, John Lennon and Yoko Ono spent their time is on the walk, as is, the house that Paul McCartney and his girlfriend, Jane Asher, lived. It was in Paul's house that many of the Beatles' songs were co-written by Paul and John.You'll see the famous Abbey Road Studio and the crossing immortalized by the Fab Four.

A short tube journey will be necessary to include Abbey Road.

Little Venice Guided Walk

Little Venice is said to be the prettiest place iRiver ThamesCredit: geograph.org.ukn town. It combines greenery, white stucco and water and the finest Victorian domestic architecture in London. Famous residents have included Freud, Browning, J K Rowling, Joan Collins and Annie Lennox. part of the walk is along the canal towpath.

Old Westminster Guided Walk

This is London at its grandest! This is where the history of England still lives on, where kings and queens were crowned, where they lived and where they were buried. This is political England. You will see Westminster Hall, the Houses of Parliament,and Westminster Abbey.

You will also see more when you the picturesque Georgian back streets and the Cabinet War Rooms, the fortified bunker that was Winston Churchill's centre of operations during the war.

A good discount admission fee is available if you want to enter the War Rooms.

The British Museum Guided WalkBritish Museum(83365)Credit: geograph.org.uk

You will need a guide to talk you through the museum that houses The Rosetta Stone, lots of Egyptian antiquities, and the Elgin Marbles, to name but a few artefacts. A guide will take you through this vast site step by step and make your visit more entertaining.

Chelsea Guided Walk

Here you will see Wren's Royal Hospital where the old soldier pensioners wear 17th Century uniforms. here is Whistler's Thames, best viewed in the afternoon.  There are also houses of the famous, Sir Laurence Olivier, Oscar Wilde and Mick Jagger.  There are artists' studios and Sir Thomas More's church and Crosby Hall, built before Columbus discovered America.

The Old Jewish Quarter Guided Walk

This walk spans the history of London's Jewish community. it reflects on the poverty of the refugees and contrasts the wealth of the Rothschilds. It refers to the 19th Century Prime Minister Disraeli. You will wander around the back streets of Spitalfields and Whitechapel, synagogues and soup kitchens. There is likely to be a small charge for entry to the synagogue.

Notting Hill and Portobello Road Guided Walk.

Notting Hill was made famous by the film that starred Hugh Grant. This is recommended for a Saturday morning as the Portobello market will be a hive of activity. You will see all kinds of arts and crafts and the street packed with locals and tourists alike.  Colour washed mews and butchers in straw hats give you a real sense of a thriving area that is associated with Jimmy Hendrix and, of course, the Notting Hill Carnival.Chinatown, SohoCredit: geograph.org.uk

London Guided Walks

These are just a sample of the breadth and depth of the London Guided Walks that are available. There are at least 15 walks available seven days a week.

You will definitely find a walk to suit your interest and you will leave London more knowledgeable than when you arrived. But, you'll want to return to try out some of the other walks you didn't have time to experience.


Westminster AbbeyCredit: geograph.org.uk