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London Disturbances

Global Disturbances

So much is happening so quickly that anyone could easily lose track of the events.   Many supposedly well-established kingdoms have fallen in North Africa and the crises are now spreading to Europe. Are there lessons to learn from these happenings?

Sincerely, anyone would have doubted the current happenings in North Africa and the Middle east. Everyone is taken aback by the spate of violence and the speed at which governments are being replaced -- even supposedly well-established and peaceful kingdoms.

The kingdoms were peaceful -- or so we thought-- until the revolution started in Egypt. What started as a mere protest in Egypt, however, soon engulfed the region win resultant wanton destruction of life and property. These happenings leave many questions unanwered.Were those years of seeming peaceful reign mere forced peace and subjugation? 

Talking about the London riots, what really went wrong? Is there any racial undertone to the violent eruptions? UK authorities have tried so much to downplay the racial motivation behind the disturbances. While this might be true about the so-called copy-cat riots in other cities, can the authorities truly deny the racial nature of the initial riots?   Many questions, yet so few answers!

It is noteworthy that an advocacy group has dismissed the labelling of the riots as merely criminal. The group questioned why most UK youth offenders are black. Is anyone going to give answers to these questions? Maybe not. But, will the tough talk about police fight back and deployment of thousands of police resolve underlying tensions? 

Unfortunately, not many answers are forthcoming with the current stand of the UK authorities on political correctness. How many deep-rooted problems have been solved by political correctness? Again, another question begging for answers.

In fairness to the politicians, the racial element clearly  missing from the  Birmingham and Manchester riots. At least, many of  the guys seen on TV were not blacks. But how does the racial representation on the copy-cat riots compare with the orignal racial distribution of the London riots? Don't bother to look for the figures, they wont published under PC rules....

What to do now? Ask questions. What is the racial distribution of young lads constantly harassed and killed in London and its environs? Has there been enough outcry about this? Were the London riots motivated by long periods of silent but constant harassment, and killing of racial minorities ?

Many questions indeed. For now,  everyone should discourage violence in all forms.  Perpetrators of the recent violence that engulfed the nation must be brought to book.  However, authorities should address deep-rooted racial issues rather that sweep them under the carpet of political correctness. This is the only fair way out of the current racial tension!