London Science Museum-an Out of this World Experience

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The London Science Museum is a fabulous place for everyone of all ages. The famous London Science Museum is a place a tourist should never miss. It’s not like any ordinary science exhibit you will ever see. You can walk in for free and experience breathtaking inventions, and marvel in the presence of over 300,000 wonders of science. With an extra fee, you can experience the IMAX Theater, a new and exciting way to view science films. You can also feel like an astronaut while on their simulator rides. The fun is endless!

A Night at the Museum—Live!

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Imagine how amazing it would be to spend a night at the museum. A child’s dream of having a sleepover in the London Science Museum is possible. Bring your children for a sleepover and share the fun when they wake up with a breakfast as part of their amazing experience. The healthy breakfast will prepare them to more science explorations that have been designed to blow your children’s minds away.  The Science night is for children aged 8, 9, 10 or 11 years and they have to be accompanied by an adult.

A Scientific Birthday


The London Museum is one of the fewest museums in the world to accept bookings for birthday parties. They can arrange a package including your choice of menu, birthday cake, goody bags, and a film-showing on IMAX.

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You won’t get hungry inside the museum. If you feel like you need some fuel to get you going for more science, you can take a break at the Revolution Café or at the Deep Blue Cafe. You can even bring your own food and eat in the designated areas for an enjoyable family picnic. The museum is complete with lifts, toilets, baby changing facilities, first aid rooms, cloakroom, and parking.

Discovery on a Huge Scale

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If you plan on completing the tour from ground floor to top, it will take you more than one day. The museum’s ground floor features vehicles and space exploration. On the 1st floor, you will learn about food, gas, structural metals, and communications. Nuclear power, printing and computing is on the 2nd floor, while photography and optics with electricity are featured on the 3rd floor. The 4th and 5th floors exhibit the science of medicine. To mark your special journey, you can buy gadgets or toys as gifts or souvenirs from the shop located at the museum’s front.

To make your visit worthwhile, it is best to plan your route ahead of time. There are travel packages that include the London Science Museum, so you may want to opt for this especially if you are bringing your kids with you. If you are a science enthusiast out on a tour on your own, there are also travel tours that may be arranged for it to be included. These are great fun for everyone, even those who think that Science is a bore.

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