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The London Sea Life Aquarium is an amazing sight to behold; with its 2 million liters of water and 500 different species of aquatic life from around the world, you will have plenty of visual stimulation. The London based aquarium has the ability to boast one of Europe’s largest global marine life collections, with thousands of creatures and a plethora of engaging activities for people of any age.

Walk with Sharks, Penguins and Octopuses

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If you are courageous enough, London Sea Life Aquarium invites you to inspect and awe at the 40 plus shark constantly swimming in the shark walk tank. If you aren’t too frightened to look down, merely four feet under you are several types of shark, trolling the waters, looking for their next meal! With twelve species in all, you can finally see sharks from around the world, without traveling the world.

When you are done walking with the sharks, feel free to examine the 14 themed zones that span three floors and house animals of every ocean species. Follow the Gentoo penguins than frolic and fly though the graceful icy waters, and learn of their journey around the world, leading them to make a final home in London.


Feel free to visit the mighty octopus next, and watch them intently as they squeeze through magnificently small spaces and solve simple problems. Octopi are very engaging to look for in their habitat, as they can change the color of their skin, they can also walk on land, and expel ink into the view of a would-be attacker. Did you know that Octopi have three hearts and blue blood?

Rainforest Fishes


As you tour the aquarium and marvel at the greatness of all the different species, you are cordially invited to watch as piranha, catfish and terrapins from the Rainforest are fed by hand, or see the sharks compete like under water gladiators for their share of food. You may even get a chance to help feed the local rays and learn about their naturally friendly disposition as the gently take food from the diver’s hands. For a visual feast, take part in the Coral Reef talk & feed, and take notice of the stunning colors and elaborate details and members of the Coral Reef’s busy inhabitants.

Tickets to the London Sea Life Aquarium vary by age and range in price from £10.55 for children over 3 years of age, to £20.74 for adults. You could bundle your family’s tickets in the Sea Life VIP Family Ticket, and pay one rate of £58.56, quite the deal! The London Sea Life Aquarium is located at County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London.  You are sincerely invited to come explore the briny deep seas of the world and walk among the aquatic life as you experience life under the blue waves of the Earth.


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Diversify your UK and London tour experience. The Sea Life Aquarium is home to many exotic sea creatures that you might not have seen yet in your lifetime. From mighty sharks, to docile penguins and intelligent octopuses, a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium will truly be an unforgettable experience.

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