If you are left with just one day in London, you may wonder what to see in such a short break. If you plan properly and have a lot of stamina you can see a lot of London within a single day.

London Eye

Picardily Circus: First proceed to Picardily Circus. After Spending few minutes there, and taking photographs, walk down to Regent Street, and admire the beauty of the various buildings until Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square: This famous square is hub of London, and the scene of many a demonstration. After spending some time there, and watching the granite statue of Horatio Viscount Nelson, step into the nearby National Gallery.

National Gallery:- This massive gallery is on the north side of Trafalgar Square - one of the greatest art museums on the planet. Spend sometime in the Museum watching the great artistic creations of the famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci to Rembrandt, from van Gogh to Cézanne and others .

Take a break and enjoy your lunch in one of the hotels there.

St.James's Palace : Walk down and you can see St.James's Palace. You can take some photos of the guards. You will also pass through Cabinet War Rooms.

Buckingham Palace: As you walk you can see the most celebrated views of Buckingham Palace. It is the official residence of the Queen and the Royal palace of England. If you happen to pass that way during Changing of the Guard ceremony, watch it for some time and move on.

No.10 Downing street : Stroll down enjoying the wonderful sceneries on the way and you can see No.10 Downing street flanked by policemen. It is the official residence of the Prime Minister. Because of security reasons, you can only look down it through the gates on Whitehall.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben: Walk down further for few minutes and you can see Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the world's most famous clock across the river. Stand there and admire the architecture of the icon buildings of London, and if you carry a camera click as many photos you want in different angles.

Continue walking and you can see Westminster Abbey, the shrine of the nation.

Westminster Abbey : Many of the earlier kings of England and queens were crowned here and also many are buried here. If you have time to spare you can take the ticket and go inside to see. Otherwise, watch from outside and go forward.

London Aquarium: From the Parliament Square if you walk further you will reach Westminster bridge and standing there admire London Aquarium, and the famous River Thames surrounded by tourists from all over the world.

London Eye : Next to the Aquarium, standing high is the massive looking London Eye, the largest observation wheel in the world. If you are still left with time and energy take the ticket and go for a round. You can watch Tower of London and London Bridge from there. Enjoy a big view of London from there and head towards the nearest tube station for your return, with a heart full of London memories.