London's oldest wine bar: Gordon's Wine Bar
Credit: Lplatebigcheese through Flickr

London is one of the oldest cities in the world, and as such has several places that preserve the old looks and traditions of the past. A map with all of them is available at the end.

London's oldest winebar

Gordon’s Wine Bar is a popular attraction for tourists and Londoners alike. It was originally established in 1890, and still keeps its low-ceiling catacomb-like style in the deeper part of the bar (making it perfect for a Halloween hangout!). There are no windows inside and the atmosphere is further enhanced by low lighting and candles; the humidity is such that the water in the stone ceilings condenses and sometimes drips on your (very exquisite) glass of wine (bat blood!). You will find an extensive wine list, to match with the delicious pates (and more) available at their buffet.

London's oldest pub

There’s much discussion about which of the several oldest pubs is actually THE oldest. If we consider it to be the oldest place where there was a pub (and still is, but with a different name), then it’s the Guinea. It was first established in 1423 as The Pound and changed name with the change in currency, to The Guinea (no further changes in the name were made in spite of later changes in the currency name). They specialize in Young’s ales and Cockburn and Campbell wines.

London's oldest restaurant

Rules was founded in 1798, taking its name from the Rule family that used to own it. It currently still serves traditional English food, such as pies and puddings, but the star dish is game (in season).  The old decorations and wall paintings preserve the eighteenth century feel – making it a very recommended stop for anyone visiting London!

London's oldest hotel

The consensus seems to be that Brown’s hotel is the oldest in London. It was founded in 1837 by Lord Byron’s butler and Lady Byron’s maid, James and his wife Sarah Brown. In 1876, the first UK telephone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell from this hotel; Agatha Christie visited it several times and Queen Victoria was seen there frequently – so there’s a very special feel to it.