How many times have you been watching television and seen a commercial for a product that caused you to pick up the phone and order it? There are more people that have never bought a product over the phone from an infomercial then people that have purchased a product over the phone from infomercials. The people who have ordered a product over the phone tend to order multiple times from various infomercials as opposed to a person who may order one single product over the phone during there lifetime. Some people are golden geese to the companies. They will order multiple times in a week. They are sometimes actually addicted to ordering items over the phone. The sad part though is some senior citizens.

Some oldSenior On Cell Phoneer people with no family experience a lot of loneliness. Some of the lonely seniors have learned that the operators at these companies are friendly and will talk to them if they place an order. The longer the operator keeps the lonely senior on the phone generally the higher the order the lonely senior citizen will place. The company is happy that they received a huge order from a repeat customer. The operator is happy as she gets a bonus commission for her large sale and the lonely senior citizen is happy as he or she has someone to talk to a for a little while. The downside is when the senior citizen on the fixed income gets her credit card bill in the mail and he or she can not afford to make the minimum payment.

Is the company unethical when it takes a large order from a lonely senior citizen who can not afford to pay the bill? Some people thunk so. The other side of the equation is how is the company suppose to know which customers are not able to afford there credit cards minimum monthly payment after they place an order? They simply can not. If you believe the infomercial companies are at fault for accepting orders from these seniors then you would have to also blame the credit card companies for allowing a senior citizen to rack up so many charges that they can not afford the credit cards minimum payment on there fixed income.

If you have a senior citizen you know that likes to order products it may be a good idea for you to keep an eye on there spending habits with infomercials. Many of the products they make are useful and can make an older persons life easier. The problem is if they order a product they have no interest in simply so they have a friendly voice to talk too.

Racking up credit card bills you can not pay simply so the person is not as lonely is wrong. All they need is a friendly visitor or two on a regular basis. Morally and ethically the best thing you can do is provide companionship to the lonely senior citizen.

The best thing about having a daily chat with a senior citizen is that you can learn a lot. All people have interesting stories and can always share nuggets of advice to make your life easier. Just keep them from ordering unnecessary infomercial items.