If you're currently in a long distance relationship – boy, it's tough, huh? Whether it's because you found love online, or work commitments that are separating the two of you, being apart from your loved one is far from easy.

Make Long Distance Relationships Work - Tips:

  • Keep in regular contact. Short text messages, emails and phone calls updating your loved one on the little things that are going on in your life can all make sure you are constantly on your loved one's mind when you're far apart and help make your long distance relationship work.
  • Don't forget the mundane. Little things that just happened to you give your loved one an insight into how things are really going for each of you. Be sure to ask your partner to also share these with you – it can really help you feel bonded, by knowing what's going on.
  • Talk every day. Even if it's just to say goodnight – hearing your loved one's voice goes a long way.
  • Make 'date nights' and maximise the latest online technology available for a video chat. Try and make these a regular occurrence – say, once or twice a week.
  • Make 'date night' special. Why not both make dinner and light some candles for the video chat? Then you can sit down to eat a romantic candlelit dinner together.
  • Don't let the passion slide. Internet technology gives you endless possibilities here – let your imagination run riot! And done properly, phone sex can be almost as hot as the real thing!
  • Agree to resolve any fights before saying goodnight. Left unattended, a small quarrel can easily turn into days of not communicating with one another – so have a pact that even if you agree to differ – nobody leaves the chat or phone call angry. Being apart is difficult and arguments will happen, so being sure to plan for them before they occur can go a long way to help make your long distance relationship work.
  • Keep a countdown for when you're to be reunited. Sure, it may seem like a lifetime before you'll see one another again, but counting down those days, weeks and months does make the separation a little easier to bear.
  • Plan for the future. Make plans for things you're going to do when you can be together, from a trip to a movie, to a romantic weekend break. It can be all too easy to focus on the separation. Creating shared goals and developing ideas for future plans helps keep you looking forward and help make your long distance relationship work.
  • Finally, be sure to make time for yourself. It's all too easy to find yourself sitting on the computer, waiting to see if your loved one is coming online, but it's not healthy. Building expectations like this means you may be disappointed and they may feel pressured to spending all their free time online with you, which will lead to arguments. Instead, be clear on when you will and won't be online, and ask your partner to do the same. Be sure to take time to do things for yourself and see your friends, and you'll be doing more to make your long distance relationship work that you'd imagine.