It’s not easy to stay healthy, especially if you struggle with arthritis and other such sicknesses, when on a long air plane flight (above five hours). But here's one easy long air plane flights Tips, there’s no need to panic when it comes to dealing with hours on the airplane—covering pre-flight priorities to while-the-airplane-is-moving strategies to the importance of feeling good about your experience after the flight, this article will have you prepared for your moments in the skies.

How to survive a long flight

Pre-Flight Priorities

If you struggle with arthritis or experience pain in your back and legs, try taking up yoga for at least two weeks before going on the flight. Even the simplest of stretching exercises will be beneficial for you. One that works particularly well is standing up and keeping your knees straight while you bend over, your fingers pointed down and reaching as far down as they can go. Repeat that exercise two times a day, daring yourself to inch a little further every time you perform it, at least two weeks before your scheduled flight. Before you know it, your muscles will be looser and less taut than before, and the flight won’t be so painful for you.

Keep a travel stress notebook. Jot down every worry about the traveling, every task you must complete before traveling. Vent your worries, fears, and concerns through this notebook, whether it is a pad, a traditional spiral notebook, or an electronic document. Choose whatever method works well for you, and while you’re waiting at the terminal to board your flight, read over the notebook and mentally cross off everything you have completed.

Meditate and relax yourself. In a quiet room, preferably without any noise or distractions, repeat a self-created mantra to yourself. Your mantra should be a positive affirmation of why the flight will be beneficial for you. Repeat this every day, almost religiously, until you board your flight.

Indulge yourself a little before going on the flight, but not too much. Buy yourself a sweet box of your favorite type of truffles and eat them right before getting on the plane to calm your nerves. Splurge on a cute shirt for the flight. Also, make sure to purchase a neck pillow or rear end cushion for the flight to make yourself feel comfy! Comfort is the most important thing on such a long flight.

Listen to music or take a walk at the terminal. Go to Starbucks and buy a coffee. Read a magazine. The most important thing is not to be fraught with worry while stepping onto the airplane. Remember, the thoughts you first have when boarding the airplane will stick to you for the rest of the flight, so be positive and watch the rest of the flight become an easy, smooth experience for you.

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Strategies for While You're on the Airplane

Keep your brain busy with positive, productive things rather than unnecessary, tiny concerns. Think about how pretty those gardening club invitations are that you sent out just last week. Put together the menu for an imaginary party in your head. Don’t let yourself run out of creative juice—if you do, your brain will automatically turn back to worries.

Do not be shy of asking the hostess for something! If you need a blanket, make sure you request one, but be polite! Don’t bother the staff unnecessarily, but do make sure that your every important need is fulfilled.

Cleanse your mind by getting rid of your cynical attitude. Stereotypically, plane food is supposed to taste horrible. Make a benefits list about it! What was delicious about the meal? What did you enjoy most? Hmm…could I make this dish at home? Adopt a positive attitude. Be creative. Fuel your imagination with the simple aspects of the flight.

Take advantage of everything you brought with you. If you brought some salty snacks, dig in! Take time to adjust the rear end cushion you have specially designated for your butt. Make sure your neck cushion is supporting your neck the way you want it to.

Don’t worry about jet lag. Let yourself wander off to sleep if you want to. Don’t overanalyze every action of yours and then think, ‘Oh, I’m going to regret this at home.’ Make yourself comfortable by letting yourself sleep if you need to do so.

Create a separate notebook, but this time, it should be one especially for the plane ride. Write down everything—make it a diary, but only for one plane flight. Engage all five of your senses, and really get into it. If you don’t want to keep a diary, watch a movie. Read a book. Do a crossword. Just make sure to reflect on each of those things afterward. Involve your brain while writing your thoughts on different aspects of the plane ride.

Don’t stress over what’s going on at home. ‘Oh my God, did I leave that casserole out last night? Did I mail that bill?’ Cross those bridges when you actually reach them. This has been mentioned before, but if you want to be nostalgic, think about home in a positive way.

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After the Long Air Plane Flights is Over

This has already been mentioned in several tips, but write about it. Reflect. Think. Make yourself aware of your own thoughts, and make yourself comfortable with your feelings. If you didn’t like it, why? Think analytically and think critically. These two strategies will help you better equip yourself next time when you ride on a plane again.

Don’t complain to other people about the flight. If you disliked it, that’s your personal opinion, but your mother should not have to suffer through the tale of the customer that puked all over the aisle and got atrociously disgusting vomit all over your new Chanel dress. Only repeat positive aspects about the experience to others.

Think about next time. What would you do differently if you were going on another plane ride? Would you pack differently? Would you use more of the tips given to you in this article? Reflect!