Long sleeve dance unitards for kids are just like the adult versions, only in smaller sizes. If that statement sounds too obvious, it is because some people don't realize how many young people are already advanced with their dance training. No cutesy costumes will do; only those garments that more advanced dancers wear will do for kids who are serious about the performing arts. Unitards are easy to recognize. They are sometimes called bodysuits.

Professional-Grade Dance Unitards For Children

If you have ever seen the thrilling performance of rhythmic gymnastics, modern dance or acrobats, the chances are you have seen these dancers wearing a full-coverage bodysuit or unitard. Many dance unitards for children have some unique feature that makes them pretty cool as far costumes go. They can come without sleeves and with attached hoods. They can be created with half of the unitard in one color, and the other half a different color.

Long Sleeve Dance Unitards Are Versatile

When you think about the body-hugging fit of these garments, you can see that they are versatile enough for other uses besides dance performances or athletic events. Unitards that have long sleeves are great as an insulatiing layer under regular street clothes. A full-length unitard in a solid color works as an extra layer of protection in cold weather. They become no-brainers when worn with a maxi skirt and boots.

DLong Sleeve Unitard For RidingCredit: By Tom Sayles (IMG_6460) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commonsance Genres That Require Long Sleeved Unitards

What kind of dance genres or categories require that students or performers wear long-sleeve unitards? There are many types of dance and sports where you can see children wearing unitards:

Baton Twirling, ballet, acrobats, gymnastics, hip hop, modern, jazz, snow sports, tumbling and more. Any sport or dance that requires lots of freedom to move and bend may choose the unitard style as the performance costume. Olympic competitors like wrestlers and luge racers all use this garment as the costume of choice.

 Long Sleeve Dance Unitards For Children In Shows

It is surprising to see a young horse back rider wearing a dance unitard instead of typical riding apparel, isn't it? The reason this girl is wearing one is because she needs to do difficult balancing acrobats while riding. Stunt riders need flexibility and freedom. Besides being practical and functional, these garments can be decorated in really trendy colors and logos.

Dance unitards that have attached hoods make cool costumes for modern dance performances. They can be less fussy than wearing separate tights and leotards and the dancer doesn't have to deal with "ride-up".  Leotard ride-up and all the tugging that goes along with it won't happen with a unitard, thank goodness.

You may see figure skaters using the long sleeve unitard as a practice garment out on the ice for this very reason. Long sleeve dance unitards are perfect for active, dance-minded and sports-loving young people.