The Pursuit of Finding Better Keywords Faster

More people are beginning to understand the importance of long tail keywords and how they can be used for internet marketing, article writing, and niche site creation. Finding the right keywords isn't the only key to success in the world of internet marketing and niche websites. Knowing what those keywords mean and how they will work for you is equally important.

It's call "keyword research" for a reason and the operative word is "research". A lot of it is required before you can launch a profitable niche site. Even knowing your topic or your niche is just not simply enough if you want real success. Knowing everything about how people search within your topic, what advertisers are paying to be listed for your words, if there is an exact domain match for your choices and many other factors play into your success instead of just the words themselves.

Google AdWords Tool
I started out using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool after hearing about niche site creation and all the keyword research required to be successful in such a field. Adwords is a great tool that should be used before any other research tool. I say this because you will find faults, limitations, and frustrations with the tool. Don't get me wrong, it is free and for that I am grateful, but the goal is to spend as much time as possible on money making actions. Keyword research using the Google Adwords Tool is often spent on setting parameters and then trying to match that information on other tools or websites.

Market Samurai
So after seeing the flaws in Google Adwords, I decided to try a "real" tool. I used Market Samurai for 3 months. I really like this tool simply because it gives a LOT of information. Punch in a keyword, and the tool spits out everything. Then you can set parameters that you want that tool to specifically search for. After that you can even narrow down to number of searches per month and lots of other handy options. However my gripe with Market Samurai is the same as my praise, it gives A LOT of information. I would say only about 20% of the information that is given in Market Samurai is the information I am looking for. Also each time I want to further limit this info, it takes an additional step.

Long Tail Pro

My final keyword tool destination so far has been a tool called "Long Tail Pro". Long Tail Pro to me is the next link in the evolution of keyword research tools. I say this simply because the application was created and is updated by a fellow niche site builder. THis simply means it is tailored for a lot of things that I was annoyed by other tools lacking.

It does a couple of important things. It doesn't just research keywords, it researches concepts. For an example, I could put "banjo lessons" into Market Samurai and learn everything I ever wanted to know about that keyword. However when I put "banjo lessons" into Long Tail Pro it limits my information based on parameters I set up. For an example it will only display (in my settings) keywords that that have between 1000 and 10,000 local searches, an exact .com, .org, or .net domain match, a CPC of at least $1 and to search related keywords as well.

The difference? Time.

Well... and convenience I suppose. Long Tail Pro can tell me in 5 minutes what Market Samurai, Google AdWords and Go Daddy can tell me in 10-15 minutes. When you research keywords for every bit of content you put online, that time adds up to hours and hours each day. I don't just fill that time with more work and keyword research either! The tools I use help me get my tasks done more quickly so I can enjoy the passive income I have built up online.