The San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal is located in a convenient location in downtown San Diego.  It is right off of the corner of Harbor Drive and Broadway, just walking distance from the Amtrak Station (The Santa Fe Depot) and a short city bus ride from San Diego’s International Airport.

For travelers who need to stay the night in a San Diego hotel the night before or after a cruise ship embarkation or debarkation there are a whole host of hotels within walking distance of the cruise ship terminal.  Many of these hotels can be found on sites like Hotels.comwhere reviews and prices can easily be compared but finding long-term parking for the cruise ship terminal can be more problematic.

Where To Park For A San Diego Cruise

The San Diego Cruise Ship TerminalThe most obvious and simplest of all cruise ship terminal parking options is to park directly across the street from the cruise ship terminal in the long-term parking lot operated by Ace Parking.  This is obviously not a free option but it is the most convenient.  Overnight parking in this lot typically costs approximately $20 a night but you may want to call in advance to double check.

One of the most frugal options for long-term parking for San Diego cruises is a bit less convenient but nevertheless quite cheap.  Across the street from the Santa Fe Depot train station is the Blue Line Trolley which is only a few stops away from Old Town San Diego.  Old Town San Diego has many small hotels which are convenient for overnight guests before and after the cruises and is located in an area of San Diego which is heavily favorable to tourists looking to enjoy the city.

What’s even more awesome about Old Town is that the Amtrak stops in Old Town giving out-of-town guests an easy way into the area and the city bus also goes to old town from the San Diego Airport.  Basically if you need to get into the area as a visitor it is easy to do with or without the use of a car.

Free Overnight Parking Near The San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal

Travel The Old Town San Diego TrolleyEven if you are not staying the night in a hotel but only looking for a place to park, Old Town is great because the parking at the Trolley Station is free and overnight parking is generally allowed.  This makes this one of the cheapest places to park if you are going on a cruise because you can drive into old town and park for free and then simply take the trolley down to the port where you can board the cruise ships.

The cost of the trolley is $2.50 each direction per person so a family of four would pay nothing for parking and about $20 in trolley tickets compared to roughly $20 per night at the parking lots closets to the cruise ships.  The savings are even greater if you are cruising as a couple as you won’t have as many trolley tickets to purchase.

If you haven’t booked a cruise yet and are only looking, Cruise Directis a great place to shop for cruises.  They have many sales and specials and they make comparing cruises, itineraries, and cruise ships very easy.  The parking situation at the cruise ship terminal should be the least of your worries for your next San Diego cruise vacation.