The longboard skate tricks are different from the tricks executed with a regular skateboard deck. As the idea behind the longboard implies using a board of longer size and more weight, some of the tricks done in a regular skate deck are impossible and unsafe with using the longboard.

Nevertheless, there are many longboard skate tricks and some of these tricks like the oliie and old school pop shove it are considered regular skateboard tricks. Before anyone could do these tricks, mastery of the three basic techniques are necessary.

These are sliding, skurfing and breaking. Once these tricks have been perfected, then many combinations can be done that look cool and pretty amazing. Some of these variations and combinations are the one-footed Ollie, variations of slides like the Coleman Slide, cross stepping, doggie style, hanging, kickflip air, etc.

While learning how to do an Ollie on a skateboard may seem fairly easy using a regular deck it is not the case with the longboard. As the longboard has an extra length not present with the regular deck, it presents itself as a challenge being lifted off the ground.

In a longboard Ollie, the feet are not positioned that far unlike in the regular skateboard Ollie. The Coleman slide is among the favourite tricks of players. The trick is similar to a downhill slide and requires mastery first of the downhill layback curve.

How do you do a kickflip on a skateboard? Well, it is a lot easier than it is with a longboard, I can tell you that! It is pretty much the same for all longboard tricks.

The downhill layback curve is a gorgeous execution that requires moderate carving so as to not break the wheels. The frontside 360 bert slide is performed on a bank. This trick is like executing normal frontside carve. This is done by approaching the platform with speed and using your hand to pivot on the platform.

The pop shove it is an old school trick used also performed with regular skateboard but is also possible with longboard skateboard. This may be perfected after around five tries but if you go beyond this, do not be depressed as it is not a measure of how good or bad you are.

The most difficult trick to do yet is one of the basics, is the slide. Just remember to have enough patience and protection when you try out all of these longboard skate tricks for a happier longboard skateboarding.

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