Longboard Skateboards For Sale

When it comes to choosing the model that you are going to buy, you will be left to face a huge challenge; with hundreds of models, it may be hard to decide which one is best for you. Each deck, truck, and wheel combination of longboard skateboards for sale have a different combination of features that will make for a different weight, handling, and speed potential. Out of the hundreds of longboard skateboards for sale, there are only a few brand names that can be considered the best of the batch, and within those brand names there are only a few models that can acquire the same title! This article lists the 5 best brand names when it comes to reputation and quality, and the 5 best models within those brand names when it comes to the best overal complete deck set!

Sector 9 Longboard Skateboards For Sale

Sector 9 marks one of the best brand names in the longboard industry. They produce quality products, have been around for a long time, and have high performing decks. If you are considering buying one of the Sector 9 longboard skateboards for sale, take a look at these models and you will surely be satisfied with what you find.

Platinum Series 9 Star Grey $189.99

Cosmic Series Greenroom $154.99

Cosmic Series Pathfinder $154.99

OG Series California $139.99

Bamboo Ours $159.99

Santa Cruz Longboard Skateboards For Sale

Santa Cruz is the choice of many of the professionals in the industry. This is mainly because their decks have unique designs on them that are pleasing for the eye, and they are durable enough to use without fear of them breaking. If you are considering buying one of the Santa Cruz longboard skateboards for sale, check out these models before any of the other ones and you will surely choose one of them!

Mahaka Blue Blue $129.99

Monster Slash $114.99

Screaming Foot Right $119.99

Eye Pod $109.99

Leopard Shark $119.99

Palisades Longboard Skateboards For Sale

Palisades fall right in the middle of the range of the whole industry. They produce decks that are of mediocre quality and design; however, their designs that they use are simply beautiful. Their prices are relatively inexpensive, and are used by many for this reason. If you are considering buying one of the Palisades longboard skateboards for sale, be sure to test out these models first for your optimal satisfaction.

San Onofre $159.99

Electric Sky Rietveld $159.99

Butterfly Brophy $159.99

Day Tripper $159.99

Drive Thru $159.99

Heavy Hula $159.99

Dregs Longboard Skateboards For Sale

Dregs is one of the less popular brand names out of all that are listed in this article; however, that is not a reflection of the quality of their product in any way. They produce amazing quality decks, and are used by just as many skaters as the rest of the brands that are featured throughout this article. If you are considering the purchase of one of the Dregs longboard skateboards for sale, you should definitely look into the following models, as they will leave you with the most satisfaction after you have purchased them.

Ditch Burnt $164.99

Kirra Complete $144.99

Burned Flames Surf $161.99

8 Ply Maggie 3 Palm Bay $144.99

Asphalt Alpine $164.99

Gravity Longboard Skateboards For Sale

The amazing thing about these Gravity longboard skateboards for sale is that they actually defy gravity! Gravity is one of the most popular brand names when it comes to this industry because their decks are produced in a way that allow the hardest tricks to be accomplished with ease! They offer a great product at a relatively inexpensive price, which is one of the reasons that they sell so well in the industry.

Hyper Carve Blue Curtain $144.99

M-Classic Drawing Lines $134.99

V-Lam Lions $137.99

C-Carve Beach Glass $153.99

M-Carve Hawaiian Jade $144.99

When it comes to choosing one of the longboard skateboards for sale, it may seem quite difficult because the selection is so large. There are literally thousands of models to choose from, and with the ability to change the trucks and the wheels on the deck, the selection grows even larger. This article lists the top 5 brand names, and top 5 models within those brand names when it comes to longboard skateboards for sale; look at these models when you are considering the purchase of one, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase!