Longboarding is one of the hippest trends of 2011. More and more people use it in big cities like Rome and New York to transport to work, university or to visit friends. The longboard is very suitable for this purpose, because it is able to gain higher speeds than the skateboard, and it is designed for cruising. Because of the longer and more stable deck you are less likely to fall too.


The longboard is much cheaper than using the public transport and the car. Furthermore it is also more environmental friendly. Moreover, it is more flexible in a big city; you will never get stuck in a traffic jam. Lastly, the longboard is fun to ride! The longboard is also more often used by elder people. They love the longboard for its less steep learning curve and the ability to cruise. However, it has to be noted that there are very much different types of longboards. Each longboard discipline will require another board.  For example, you cannot really cruise on a downhill longboard, also known as a speedboard. But vice versa a cruising longboard is inappropriate for slalom.

Best Transport Boards

The following five boards are the most suitable for transport:

  1. Loaded. Very flexible boards, really great in big cities, where you have to make sharp turns.
  2. Arbor. Longboards made by surfers for surfers. These boards ride very lightly, which allows you to go faster.
  3. Never Summer. Greatest board if you do not want to buy a new board every year. Very durable and will not break easily.
  4. Flexdex. Very flexible board as the name indicates. Maybe even more flexible than Loaded.
  5. Comet. With distance the fastest board. Will get you to your destination in time!

This list is by no means definite. You have to develop your own tastes and values as a longboarder. What do you really value in a longboard? Does it have to be fast? Then choose the Comet. Does it have to be flexible, then instead opt for FlexDex or Loaded. Lastly if you want a longboard that will last for more than five years, choose Never Summer.  There is no single greatest board. It really depends on what you want to do with the longboard. If you gain more experience you can try out other longboards. However this list is an excellent starting point for a beginner.