FDA Approved. It works.


Takes about 16 weeks. Not the easiest to get a hold of.

Full Review

Have you ever wanted longer eye lashes? All those mascara ads that promised eye lashes probably didn't work. Once you washed off the mascara, I bet your lashes went back to normal length. All that hassle for no length. Through a recent medical discovery, there is now a medication that will lengthen your lashes. The new medication is called Latisse. Latisse is a type of eye drop that you put on the outside of your eyes, on your eyelids. Latisse is FDA approved and the users will generally see an increase of 25% to their lash length. How Latisse is applied, is you take a few drops and put them on your eye lids. Your skin then absorbs the solution and it goes to the roots of your eye lashes. When your new eye lashes grow, they will grow longer. Latisse's FDA Approval should put some authority to its claims. The main ingredient, was used in medicine for glaucoma patients. When the glaucoma patients used ther medication, they had longer lashes. The scientists simply found what made their lashes grow and bottled it as Latisse.

In Closing

If you have any concerns about Latisse, contact your doctor. It is important to note that Latisse is currently available through receiving a prescription from your doctor. If you want any more information about how Latisse was found, try reading this article.