What to Look For in a Long Lasting Cat Litter

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Litter

There are a lot of things that can factor in to how long and what makes a cat litter last. Some of the considerations insclude:

  • how many cat's are in the house/will be using the cat box
  • how often will/can the box be cleaned
  • existing conditions of the pet (allergies, sensitivities...)
  • convenience and ease of cleaning
  • is there too much tracking? (how much ends up coming out on your kitties paws)
  • preferences in texture/does your cat have sensitve paws

If a feline suffers from serious allergies then cat litter that is unscented and produces a minimal amount of dust is going to be optimal. A household that has a lot of furry feline's in the home  is going to be best suited with a litter designed for multiple cat use. However, just because the packaging claims the product possesses these qualities does not ensure a longer lasting cat litter. 

What Works Best? 

Convenience can play a big factor, for pet owners, when choosing the right brand or style of cat box filler. One such style of cat litter that makes up in both convenience as well as being one of the best and longest lasting cat litter options is solid clumping brands. One would look for a brand that clumps solidly, doesn't easily break apart when scooping, has only minimal dust and tracking. 

Clumping cat litters that are super dusty or light weight can end up allowing more to be tracked and kicked out of the box as well as pose potential allergy, respiratory and sinus irritation to both kitty and pet owner. Avoid these if at all possible unless they are the best option available to you locally. 


    Tips to Make Your Cat Litter Last Longer  

    1) The first tip is a no brainer - scoop the cat box regularly and often to ensure it needs to be changed less frequently. In doing this you will find you have to change the litter box less often and can add smaller amounts of fresh litter as needed (remember it needs to have enough litter to comfortably get beneath urine and fecies with a scooper).  You will know it is time for a complete redo when you can smell an odor from the unsoiled litter left in the box. 

    Premium Scoop-able Litter for CatsIf during cleaning you find that your pets elimination has made contact with the cat litter box - angle the cat box to allow access to the soiled area, scoop away as much solid matter as possible, being careful to not contaminate the clean litter (remove any dirtied litter), and wipe the area using the cleaning method in #2 below. 

    2) The second bit of advice we can offer is to get off to a fresh start which means you need to properly clean the litter box between changings. Simply emptying out the old stuff and adding new is going to cause you to have to change more frequently and can cause a serious build up of odors and even health problems in your feline companions.

    Wipe out the entire inside of the box (don't forget the rim) using a mixture of diluted bleach (1 part bleach to 30 parts water) or soap and water, dry thoroughly and then add in the fresh clean cat litter. 

    3) Choose a good solid clumping cat litter. These are going to be the longest lasting cat litters that you can find. Not all clumping litter will be created equally and some trial and error may be necessary to find the best brand for your cats. 

    Longest Lasting Cat Litter Brands

    What Pet Owner's are Raving About 

    With so many different name and generic brand cat litters on the market it can sometimes be helpful to know what other pet owner's are saying and which brands are being talked about the most.  These brands are listed starting with the brand that received the most consistent positive reviews from pet parents. 

    Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter and Ultra Scoopable Litter (available at most PetSmart locations as well as on Amazon.com). This brand has been talked about and blogged about as being one of the most sanitary and longer lasting cat litters available on the market today. A little pricier than some , but for those who swear by this brand their purrfect friends are worth the extra money. 

    World's Best Cat Litter - They claim that due to the natural ingredients used in their clumping formula cat litter's (for single and multi-cat households) that the dust is safer for your cat than silica containing brands. Whether this is true or not, I've yet to see any studies but those are some big claims that may attract a lot of cat lovers.

    Ever Clean  - This brand offers premium clumping cat litters that receive some rave reviews for it's ability to provide an easy to clean and longer lasting litter. (Available at PetCo and PetSmart)

    Fresh Step Premium Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter - With and without odor shield this clumping formula is available at most retail stores as well as many pet supply stores and is deemed one of the better and longest lasting cat litters available to pet owners.

    There are many other brands of clumping and scoopable cat litter available with price tags that will appeal to those who are the most frugal shopper to those with more expensive tastes. Don't be afraid to try out different brands to find which one offers you the truly longest lasting cat litter.  

    A tip for trying out different brands is to offer your cats 2 separate cat boxes - filling each with a different type of litter and see which one lasts the longest and is most attractive to your feline(s). It wwill not pay or save you money to have the longest lasting cat litter if the only reason it warrants that name is because the cat's won't use it.