Exercise and Health: The Benefits of Physical Activity in Reversing the Signs of Ageing

Exercise is one of the biggest weapons in our perpetual fight against the ageing process, and thanks to the many researches done in the last few decades it has now been confirmed that it truly reverses the signs of ageing on our body. A society is not sustainable if their members are not active individuals; we are not only making reference to those people attending gyms regularly; but also those who go for light to moderate walks on a daily basis; hikers, cyclists, even simple activities such as gardening, ironing and all those things that we have done since the beginning of the time.


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Regular exercise has the faculty of controlling your sugar levels, weight and blood pressure; it even has an important role in the way we age: our skin stop producing collagen as we age, and as a general rule, our collagen start the declining process after we turn 30; as a consequence, our body becomes less elastic and the body fat is not supported as efficiently as when we were younger. One of the simplest and more effective steps we can take to help our organism to produce anabolic hormones in order to stay young is by exercising; this will contribute in the formation of lean muscle and stop the deterioration and premature age of our bodies.


Sweat Away the Years

Diet and Exercise to lose WeightExercise is probably the most powerful anti ageing medication you can ever take.  The adrenaline rush you feel after a session at the gym or a run around the park carries tremendous long-lasting benefits. Many of the researches show that physical activity can make you fit and protect you against diseases proper of the common age; but the most outstanding discovery is that it can actually slow down the ageing process by improving the biological defence of our body and improvement of our immune system; results even show that regular and moderate exercise (4 times a week) is considerably better than Botox. 

Among many other benefits; a 30 minutes daily routine of aerobic exercise has the power of increasing your good cholesterol, reducing the risk of coronary diseases and the risk of Alzheimer, improving your mood and the well-being feeling; this is why any kind of physical activity is considered a natural remedy for people suffering from depression.  Exercise can help you as well to maintain definition and tone on your body; and while it will not prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; the boots it gives the circulation process will show in your complexion; you will look younger and healthier and your body will look and the most important BE years younger than your actual age.

Recent studies also show that exercise helps to increase the production of new brain tissues; but in order to take full advantage of the benefits of physical activity to fight against ageing and diseases we must combine it with other natural aiders: