Fruit and Vegetable to Look Young and Better Health

There have been so many researches in the last few decades about the effects of good eating habits on our health and well-being that we can now affirm that consuming processed and over cooked food in general during a long period of time can have serious consequences on our body and the way we age. As we get older, the gland responsible for produce enzymes in our body becomes less efficient in processing and assimilating the food we eat; in order words: the quality of our metabolism decreases with time; becoming one of the many factors directly linked to premature ageing and many of the diseases that start appearing later in life. The main reason for the negative effect in our body is that our digestive system is not as effective in processing the nutrients from the food as when we were younger; the organs responsible age at the same rate than we do; however, what we eat can alter this in a negative or positive way.


Eggcell by Brigido AlcaydeCredit: Brigido AlcaydeThe more fruit and vegetables you eat the more likely you are to develop diseases as you get older; they provide the nutrients and antioxidants that your body need to fight diseases, increase the immune system and keep your internal organs young and in perfect order; one of the most important discoveries in the last few years is the incidence of heart attacks and coronary diseases in people with a low-calorie, low-fat diet, they also eat more fruit and vegetable as part of the healthy nutritional diet.


How to Lose Weight, Diet and ExerciseConsuming fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals (in the form of fruit and vegetable) and proteins; such as fish, chicken and occasional lean-read meat has a direct correlation to the incidence of diseases that are proper of old age; the number of cases are greatly decrease if you combine it with a good exercise program.  According to the findings of a research (Fruit and Vegetable for Health) from WHO: the World Health Organization WHO; it is now clear that many lives can be saved each year by increases the consumption of fruit of vegetables.  “Research findings reviewed for this paper are strongly suggestive of a potential for fruit and vegetables to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Several short-term, carefully-conducted clinical trials show that the consumption of fruit and vegetables can help achieve or maintain a healthy body weight. However, longer-term intervention studies and epidemiological studies have given inconsistent results. The findings show that diets rich in fruit and vegetables significantly reduce the risks of ischaemic heart disease and stroke.”


There are many simple steps you can take to improve your health and longevity; your body will accept the changes and respond in a positive way by improving your general health; you will notice the results almost immediately.