Sleep Better to Live Longer

Sleep plays an important role in the search for longevity; around 80% of the things we do, the food we eat and drink and the stress in our lives are the factors that will determine how long we are going to live. Over the years and partly blamed to the busy schedule in our life and demanding jobs, it has become clear that we do not sleep enough to receive all the benefits of a good night sleep. Lack of sleep affects in a negative way the performance in our workplace, the way we interact with other people and how we take important and trivial decisions in our lives. Sleep deprivation also causes our immune system to collapse and reduce the effectiveness in its fights against diseases; this is why we are more likely to catch the common cold, flue and other illness. Another consequence of lack sleep is our emotional well-being, as a general rule, people who sleep just a few hours a night tend to be more moody and irritable, this is because the cortisol levels increases dramatically, creating in many cases problems with family, friends and colleagues. Last but not least, lack of sleep also affects our body and the way we process food, repair our muscles and control our weight: it is more likely to gain weight if you suffer from regular insomnia.


 Benefits of a Good Night Sleep

Our organism is programmed to eat, move, talk and sleep; however, many people intentionally skip a good night sleep as they consider it a waste of time, without realising that the better we sleep the better and quicker we will be performing all the other tasks in our lives; recent researches prove that people who had a good night sleep performed better in intelligent tests than those who sleep for 4 hours and less at night. It is about time we go back to our roots where we use to sleep when it was dark, this should not be considered a step backwards, but one step closer to achieve things we are normally not able to do; this is the way our ancestors used to live and it has been cruelly interrupted by the modern society, paying a very high price for it, with our health and longevity: we have the capacity to add healthy years to our lives with just a few simple steps.


A good night sleep is the perfect remedy to improve memory capacity and concentration, improve our frame of mind and enlarge our cognitive capabilities; as a result we will feel young, our immune system will improve its fighting defence properties against diseases and we will be happier and healthier; it does sounds unrealistic but try to sleep “good quality sleep” between 7 and 8 hours every night for a month and you will notice the results almost straight away.


What happens when you don’t Sleep Well?

Sleep deprivation is directly linked to bad temper, anxiety, illness and depression; these are the main factors of a bad quality of life and as a consequence our longevity levels; lack of sleep, even for one night will also be visible on your face: black bags under your eyes and a general look of not looking well will be pointed out to you by friends and family. So what do you need to do to sleep well? Have a good laugh for better sleep; this is simple, free and enjoyable.