Exceptional Recreational Opportunities Abound!

Relax By The Camp Fire!

Lee County, Virginia landscapeCredit: Wikipedia

Located in the extreme southwestern tip of Virginia, Lee County shares a border with Kentucky and Tennessee. Once the historic home lands of the Cherokee and Shawnee Tribes of Native American Indians, Lee County is a land of incredible beauty. Communities established in Lee County include Dryden, Ewing, Pennington Gap, Rose Hill, Stickleyville and Jonesville, the county seat. Formed in 1793, the county was named in honor of Light Horse Harry Lee, known commonly as “Light Horse Harry” for his gallant service as leader of light troops during the American Revolutionary War. “Light Horse Harry” who served as Governor of Virginia from 1791 to 1794 was the father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.[1]

Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, motorcycle touring, camping, fishing, hunting, swimming, paddling, cross-country skiing, geo-caching, bird watching and just plain relaxing are but a few of the exciting outdoor activities that draw travelers to scenic Lee County. After a full day in the great outdoors, relax by the campfire, soak in a hot tub or sleep until noon in a cozy mountain cabin or luxurious lodge. Lee County offers a varied selection of comfortable lodging accommodations and fine dining experiences.

Festivals And Celebrations

Wilderness Road Heritage Festival

Join in the celebration of Southwestern Virginia’s rich cultural and historical heritage. The Wilderness Road Heritage Festival[2] held each year in October in Ewing, Virginia features Appalachian arts and crafts including pottery, baskets, musical instruments, quilts, woodcarvings, home-baked treats and more. Visit the 18th Century Market Fair for a taste of “downhome” cooking, local produce and farm goods. For more information call (276) 445-3065.

Ferris WheelCredit: Morgue File - kakiskyLee County Tobacco And Fall Festival

Celebrate the season. Held every October in Pennington Gap, the Lee County Tobacco and Fall Festival[3] offers live mountain music, dancing, arts and crafts, entertainment, a 5K race, parade, exhibits, contests, competitions and much more. Plan an outing the whole family will enjoy. There will be rides for the children and scrumptious food for all. For more information, dates and directions, call (276) 546-2233.

Regional Attractions

Stone Face Rock

A massive rock abnormally located near Pennington Gap, Virginia is said to mark the entrance to lands considered sacred to the Cherokee Indian Tribe. Accessible by automobile, Stone Face Rock, locally known as “Our Man of the Mountain”, is a geological formation worn away by time, wind and water. A regional landmark, Stone Face Rock is a natural wonder well worth visiting.

Appalachian African-American Cultural And Community Development Center[4]

Located at 230 N. Leona Street in Pennington Gap, the Development Center is housed in an architecturally interesting building that once housed a black public school. The Center offers visitors a look at the past through artifacts, photographs and documents of the era.

Additional local attractions include Lake Keokee, Cumberland Bowl Park and the Cave Springs National Recreation Area. For additional information on local cultural and historical attractions, contact the Lee County Tourism Committee, PO Box 912, Jonesville, Virginia, 24263 or call (276) 346-7767.

Hiking, Mountain Biking or Paddle Trails

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Powell River Water Trail

Explore the graceful Powell River as it flows through Lee County. The mighty river attracts whitewater rafters and kayakers. If you prefer a more leisurely paddle, the Route 603 Bridge to Pennington Gap section offers calm waters.

Wilderness Road State Park

Explore 200 acres of living history at Virginia’s Wilderness Road State Park. Visitors learn about life on Virginia’s frontier while touring the reconstructed Martin’s Station. The outdoor living history museum brings to life settlement life in 1775. The historic 12-mile Wilderness Road Trail connects the park with the over 50-mile network of trails in Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.

Cowan Mill

Of interest to all, the Cowan Mill is an authentic gristmill constructed in 1890. Used to grind local grain into meal, the historic mill is located on Indian Creed Road in Ewing, Virginia. Call (276) 346-0553 for more information. The mill is open to the public and admission is free.

Long Hollow Log School Museum

Located on the campus of Lee High School in Jonesville, the Long Hollow Log School Museum, built prior to 1858, is now utilized for heritage education. For information and viewing hours, contact (276) 346-0173.

For trip planning assistance when visiting all the many attractions and recreational destinations in Lee County, contact the Lee County Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 417, Pennington Gap, Virginia, 24277 or call (276) 346-0553.