Face painting has gained popularity on different events for over the years. These are usually practiced by children on birthday parties and on holidays. It has become an indulgence that makes the party livelier. It creates more fun therefore it has been a hook for kids.

Halloween is coming up and face painting is now taking its role to fun. One of the designs that are being loved by kids is the skull design. It makes the kid's face look like being dead for over the years therefore it patterns the occasion.

Skull painting is so popular so this is the article that will help one to create a personalized skull design. It is better to learn this early so you'll have a perfect skull face on the favourite Halloween!

First prepare the necessary tools that are needed. These are:

  • Water-based face paint that is approved by FDA
  • Number 2 fine brush
  • Number 4 medium brush
  • Number 8 large brush
  • A jug of warm water
  • One make up sponge
  • Towel and wet wipes
  • Face glitters

After preparing all these tools, get ready to follow the steps on how to apply the skull design on a kid's face.

  • Step 1: Apply the Base Coat

Start to apply the base paint on the face including the lips. White is the most common colour that is being chosen for the base coat. However, skip applying paint around the eyes since a different colour is going to be applied there later.

  • Step 2: Empty it out

To create the skull's eyes and nose, use the black paint with the medium brush paint. Strike it under the eyebrow, underneath the eye and over the eyelid. Do not paint a circle shape. Instead, paint a rectangular shape with no sharp corners. Dry it on an open air before proceeding to another step.

Next, create a teardrop shape on the bridge of the nose. Make sure it is parallel to each other.

To hollow out the skull, apply black paint on the temple. Instruct your subject to suck on the cheeks to trace the bone. This allows you to create an impression that the cheeks aren't there.

  • Step 3: Create the skull teeth

To create the skull's teeth, paint directly on the lips. First, outline the black paint around the lips through the fine brush. The upper teeth should be painted bigger than the lower part. Add more white paint to emphasize the teeth.

  • Final touch

Create some crack lines on the face through the fine brush using black paint. Remember, a light touch is good enough.

These are the easiest step on making the skull design. Now, make sure that the kid is being taught on how to scare for real!

Now, enjoy the Halloween with the best skull design one can create!