You can find glasses in a huge selection of styles, colors, and sizes than ever before. The inherent abilities to correct your vision has also greatly improved in glasses technology. Glasses are now tailor made to match personal style, look, and preference.

Do you need new glasses? Are you looking for cheap glasses? Are you afraid that getting that new pair glasses will completely cramp your look? Well believe me, you're not alone with these questions. The first, second, or even the fifth time buying new glasses can be confusing and be an unwanted stress episode. After all, your face is the first thing people see, and your glasses are front and center.

While the cost of glasses is a major factor in any purchasing decision, ultimately the choice will be made on how the glasses look on you. The key for finding the best glasses for you is to know what will look best with your face type, eye color, and other facial/body features.

The shape of your face plays a major factor in choosing your glasses. If you're unsure of your face type, ask an eyeglass professional. There are 5 main facial shapes: oval, round, rectangular, square, and triangular.

Knowledge of what your face shape is will help you go and get your glasses with the confidence they'll work for you. Trying on each pair of glasses will help see the one that matches your personality and "look".

If you have an oval face, you're going to have best selection for glasses. Every style will look good on you and you can be comfortable no one will think your new frames are out-of-place. Whether you want to be fiery fashion diva or a world class scientific researcher, you can find the pair that fits you.

Round faces will need to have glasses that compliment their face shape. Oval or round glasses will make your face look more round. Eyeglasses with a sharp, straight lines will help steer your face from the "roundness" and into a more geometric look.

If you have a rectangular face, you'll want a frame that will give you your desired look. Smaller frames with a horizontal style will make your face appear longer. Big frames, the best look for most rectangular faces, will make your face look shorter.

With a square face, you'll want to choose eyeglasses that steer away from that "square" look. Round, or straight lined glasses will help you do that. Oval and round glasses move your face from square. Geometric style glasses will make your face more square (and unless that's what makes you look good), you should stick with circle glasses.

Finally, if you have a triangle face, you'll want glasses that match the facial look at matches you. Sharp, pointed angle glasses will give your face a more triangular visual appearance. Rectangular glasses will you the opposite effect so if you want your face to appear longer, get some rectangle frames.