Losing weight is not one of the easiest things to do, nor does it happen fast enough when you want it to!

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or if you just want to feel like a godess RIGHT NOW, all you have to do is simply follow a few very easy (and cunning!) tricks. You will look slimmer and feel more confident in less than half an hour, guaranteed!

Things You Will Need

Out with the old, in with the new! If your wardrobe isn't do much for you, it's time to go shopping ladies!

And not to worry, no unwarranted splurging like Carrie and the girls, just a few helpful items that every modern woman's wardrobe deserves!

Step 1

1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4

Fitted Clothing

I can't stress this enough. When you are carrying around a few extra pounds, no amount of men's clothing or "potato sack apparel" will cover that fact. It only makes it worse, much worse.

Whether you weigh the size of a lapdog or the size of a cow, fitted garments will flatter anybody!

Bulky clothing makes you appear much wider because where the garment hangs down, that is where the eye will fall. Fitted clothing looks expensive, classy and very very slimming. But hear this, fitted clothing does NOT mean tight. Too tight clothing for any size is just as bad as it's baggy competitor. Think muffin tops. Need I say more?

Step 2

The modern corset

Control Undies

Yes, I know. Horrible, unsexy, old lady. There is no denying it. Control undies are not considered appealing by anyone. But what they offer outweighs the dodgy undies by so much more. Control underwear nip's and tuck's in all the right places, making you look like a waif-like godess. No surgery needed! Although a slight warning, if you are heading on a hot date and you don't (or do!) know where it might head...spare yourself a Bridget Jones moment and plan ahead!

Step 3

My cup overfloweth

Buy the right bra

You may be on either end of the spectrum here. Either you are feeling like an ironing board or either you feel like you are carrying around two sacks of flour with you, but I can bet you pretty lady, regardless of how much (or little) you might be blessed with...you are probably wearing the wrong size bra.

I know a lot of ladies who swear by the size they think they are, but alas, most of them are drastically uninformed. Oprah has done a show about this, Gok Wan will burn bras for you to convince you about this, get fitted! You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Your bra does not only support your lady lumps girls, but it actually has a big impact on your back too. Get the right bra and your back handles (those little rolls on your back, if you didn't know) will minimize along with the scars from too tight bras digging into your flesh.

Step 4

The cutest prison outfits I have ever seen!

Vertical Stripes

I am not going to elaborate. The point of the matter is - horizntal stripes make you appear wider than you really are, (devious little optical illusion) but vertical stripes DO make you appear thinner and taller. And isn't that what we are all after?

Step 5

Turn on the light so that you can see the truth!


Learn it. Live it. Love it!

You have probably heard someone say this to you already...black makes it appear as though you are slimmer. Another optical illusion, but this time, to your advantage! This is true though, black does make you appear slimmer as it skims over all kinds of lumps and bumps. But you do not have to be a hardcore goth to try this look on for size (pardon the pun). You just have to figure out what works best for your personal style and try to incorporate it in your wardrobe.

Step 6

On the bright side

Bold Prints and Colors

When throwing together an outfit, don't shy away from the lastest trends. Bright colors and bold patterns can work for you, you just have to know how...

Wear any bright or bold patterned clothing on the parts of your body which you feel is your best attribute, and tone it down on your problem areas by wearing something more neutral.

As an example, if you feel that bum resembles to dog in a sack fighting, but you love your boobs and tummy, find a bold and bright shirt to wear, but stick to wearing black pants. All the attention will be drawn to your upper body, no one will take any notice of you rump!

Step 7

A fashion empire was built on this alone

The empire cut

This precise cut is probably one of the most flattering for all shapes and sizes.

It makes you appear slimmer by cunningly cinching you in at the smallest part of your waist and emphasizes your cleavage brilliantly!

So any long tailored shirt or dress you can find...grab it!

Step 8

Cinch it

Cinch that Waist

A need to have accessory in any woman's closet, is the waist belt.

It cinches you in at the right parts to create a timeless and jaw-droppingly-gorgeous hourglass shape for you ala the mesmerizing Miss Marilyn Monroe.

You will look and feel a perfect godess and a down right lady!

Men and woman adored Marilyn Monroe and lusted after that perfect womanly shape...take some tips!

Step 9

Moving on up

High Heels

Simply really, they make you look taller, make your legs look slimmer and while you are wearing them, your hips will HIPnotize as they sway seductively back and forth!

Heels add glitz and glamour to any outfit as well, so give it a try!

Step 10

Quasimodo never knew he was really 6ft tall

Stand up Straight

Your mother probably drove you mad with this line, but she had a point.

Standing up straight makes you INSTANTLY lose a few. It may take some practise and determination to go from slouching to ramrod straight, but it is well worth it.

Stand up straight, push your knockers out and pull your bum in the slightest bit...et Voila!

Step 11

Dark Roast please

Get bronzed

A tan will instantly make you appear slimmer. It lifts out all the beautiful dips of your body, like your collarbone for instance, and makes your cellulite and extra pounds cringe under the shade!

Just be careful though, we all know the damage the sun can do, so rather opt for the safer alternative and get a spray tan...go on, indulge yourself!

Step 12

The most important thing to wear

Have Confidence

When you have confidence, believe me, NO ONE will be noticing your problem areas...and nor will you care anyway!

The best thing you can wear to make you the most seductive and gorgeous you, is your confidence...

So go on all your gorgeous gals...STRUT YOUR STUFF!

Tips & Warnings


This may make you stand out and let everyone take notice.

You may cause a stir.

You may get a date.

But hell, you deserve it!