Jocks and brains are not the only ones who qualify for scholarships. Not all scholarships are for the top person in the class or the best football player. There is a scholarship out there for every kind of person imaginable. In fact, there is probably a wacky scholarship out there with your name on it.

 So many people go into huge amounts of debt by taking out student loans. If you ask most of those people if they even applied for any scholarships, I bet they will say no. Most people think scholarships are not for them, but the reality is that they do not even look or apply.

 It is a sad fact that student loan debt is surpassing credit card debt in America. Most college graduates do not get to spend their hard-earned money right out of school. Instead, they are making large monthly payments to the banks that funded their student loans. This is all because they did not look for scholarships. Scholarships are such an easy way to get free money for school. A little time filling out applications is much better than a lot of time paying back loans when you are out of school.

 Wacky scholarships are the kinds of scholarships that most people pass by. Most of them require you to have a unique feature or characteristic that will differentiate you from your peers. If you speak an uncommon language, play ping pong, are overweight, are adopted, are an orphan, or anything else that you can think of, odds are there is a wacky scholarship out there relating to it.

 A big turnoff for people when applying for scholarships is the process. If people see that they have to write an essay, they are immediately discouraged. However, think about how much easier it is to write an essay about something near and dear to your heart. Do not let a simple essay stand in the way of you and free money. Take your time to really check out the requirements. It is likely that the process is easier than you think.

The cost of college tuition is going to continue to rise every year. If you do not stay ahead of the game and find wacky scholarships that you qualify for, you are going to end up very far into debt. Most people do not make high salaries immediately out of college, so student loan payments will be a large hit to your pocketbook.