So you want to look like Lady GaGa?

Going to a fancy club party?

Want to dress up for fun?

Fancy a makeover?

....Here's how to achieve her look!


Lady Gaga has long luscious blonde hair, stick straight and silky to touch. If you already have ice blonde hair, then grab a hair straightener and get ironing! It helps if you can spray on some hair protector first and make sure your hair is well moisturized to get that silky effect.
If you don't have blonde hair, and you are considering dying it, you will need some strong hair bleach. Follow the package carefully, or even easier, visit the hair dressers. Simply ask them for ice blonde, and perhaps perm your hair straight. You can even get a Japanese hair treatment to make your hair straight and silky, even better than a perm!
Your last choice is to buy a wig from your closest costume shop. Make sure you try on the wigs first, or at least don't buy one thats really expensive if you plan to get wasted in a party later!


Lady Gaga's makeup is outrageously flirtatious! Not everyone can pull off the pearl pink lipstick and heavy black mascara at the same time, but Lady Gaga manages to! Wondering how? Well, there are a few basic steps to get the same look!
First you need to smooth out your skin tone. You can achieve this by simply grabbing a foundation or toner which suits you and make sure its covering up any skin flaws. If you have the time, experiment with darker tones to make the illusion of higher cheekbones.
Next, take some pearly, shiny lipstick and smooth it on. Lady gaga always picks bright or shiny metallic colours, so pearl and crimson are definitely hot recommendations! If you feel a little too shy to try these colours, try picking a subtle pink or nude shade. Alternatively, use some glittery lipstick to add to the 'glam factor'.
Now for the eyes! Make sure you have mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and perhaps some eyelash decorations like mini jewels. First, apply some foundation. Then draw on your eyeliner thickly using lots of layers. After that, apply your mascara and wait for this to dry. When you're done, pick your favourite shade of eyeshadow. Lady Gaga uses bright metallic colours or plain dark black. If you use black, make sure it blends smoothly all over to get that hot smoke look.


Let's face it, no one can find a replica of her clothes anywhere! But you can still dress like her by hunting down metallic dress designs and short bright blue cocktail clothes.

Have fun experimenting with different ways to look like Lady Gaga!