Twilight saga has become a hit nowadays. Definitely, to look like them is also a hit this coming Halloween. Well one can't be perfectly look like them but one can assure to look like vampire for the season.

Many of the people who celebrate Halloween prefer to be either a vampire or a zombie. Well, it's a choice on who to become. What really matters is that how realistic one can look like when on the character. I hope that this post may help in making the best out of everything for this year's Halloween. These are some tips to follow to look like Edward Cullen for the upcoming season.

  • Be white and pale. One doesn't really have to do all the face painting for a Vampire make-up since vampires look like humans too. What really is unique about their appearance is that they have natural pale skin. It is something that makes them crave for blood even more. Use a white-based makeup or the available cake foundations in the market. If applied, this will make a no-sunlight look. A note to ponder: If one has to follow the twilight vampires, then make sure glitters are all over to emphasize their glittery splendid appearances.
  • Dark eyeliners. To create a dark outline around someone's eyes are some characteristics of a vampire. It also increases the focus and emphasis of the eyes. These eyeliners can be useful in darkening the eyebrows a little bit. If one can afford it, vampire contact lenses will be a great accessory.
  • Preferable lips. Some vampires are in need of blood therefore putting a powder on the lips make it pale. But if one wants to follow the modern vampire, a bloody red and darker burgundy may be of great choice for makeup. It's one's choice.
  • Realistic blood. Some vampires have bloods on their lips indicating that they have just taste a human. This Halloween, one can choose to put fake blood on the lips that drools down to the chin. This fake blood is made through mixing up the corn syrup with red food colouring on it. This is much cheaper than purchasing online. However, it can stain one's shirt so be careful on the costume.

These are just some of the tips you may get when one decides whether to be a vampire or someone else. A great costume may show the blend and even if the mouth is being applied with fake fangs. One cannot spend a lot from these. However, to look better on Halloween even if on vampire makeup is super in!