Ah yes - these had to have been the days! Your grandad drove in to visit you from Iowa in that monster of a vehicle, complete with splash guards and bug deflector. Looking cool did not concern him, keeping his beast of a auto secure from the bugs, sticks, and stones was what mattered. I was never very certain how that all worked. If keeping your car looking sharp, shiny, and sparkling was so critical, WHY on earth would you muck it all up with deflectors and mud flaps???!!!!

I am now the old dude myself, and I have determined that these bug deflector thingamabobs actually have some scientific merit, and thankfully, the people that make these products have improved on their looks too!!! However they still belong in yet another era. And perhaps yet another dimension!!!

In the event you ever make it to any with the great classic vehicle shows, like the Dream Cruise on Woodward north of Detroit in August, or the MSRA Back To The 50's in June at the State Fairgrounds in St Paul - you just aren't going to see very many classic older automobiles there with bug deflectors. You do not see any new machines with them either. Don't you just wonder to yourself why that is.

In my new role as Mr Old Person, I have come to understand that these things DO serve a quite functional purpose, and that they do a marvelous job of redirecting these wacky little insects up and beyond the automobile windshield. Or at least to a place higher up onto the windshield glass! I am reminded here that I have ridden in some vehicles using the magic bug guards attached, and learned first hand that you can wind up having a clear space up to about the midpoint on the windshield. The rest of the glass from there up houses an even bigger congregation of dead insects, so you wind up looking through the bottom half of the windshield. The excellent news is that it really is clean and clear down there. The un-excellent news is you now are looking so low through the glass that the bug deflector is now in your line of sight, and, needless to say, totally in the way!!

My vision remains with all the creative automobile geniuses and engineers, who, I'm confident, will eventually devise a means to mold this aerodynamic marvel right into the front section of your family truckster! With all of the ads and clips you see of these guys testing their latest vehicle inside the wind tunnel machines, this just totally seems like a simple one to me! But for now, it is possible to uncover a lot of decent appearing auto bug deflectors on-line with the numerous aftermarket auto accessories internet retailers. The looking stylish component remains "iffy" at best. I wonder if you inserted some pin striping on it......