When people normally think of scholarships, they think of that brilliant high school student or that gifted high school athlete getting one for their college education. These are all true but what most people don't know about are the wide variety of unusual scholarships that are out there. Let's take a look at a few of them now.

Scholarship Offered By Tall Clubs International

This one is designed to go to special vertically endowed applicants. In the case of males they must be a minimum of six feet tall. Foe the ladies that minimum is five feet-ten inches. Those who qualify must enter an essay answering what being tall actually means to then and they are in contention for a prize of $1000.

Fragrance Research Fund Award

This is one that is available only to clinical psychologists and they must be ones working on their completion of postgraduate aromachology research. Scholarship money up to $50,000 is provided to those applicants that are selected. The foundation is based At 145 East 32nd street in New York city and their zip code is 10016.

Mary F. And Frederick Beckley Scholarship

Basically this award is offered to students that are left-handed in a world that is primarily geared to those that are right-handed. Based out of Huntington, PA. at Juanita College amounts up to $1000 are awarded every year to two college students that are left-handed.

Scholarship From Billy Bart Foundation

Contrary to the Tall Clubs scholarships, these are available to those students standing 4'10" or less. Those being considered will be asked to submit a certificate from their doctor confirming their dwarfism. The phone number for the foundation is (818) 953-5410.

Ayn Rand Institute Scholarship

This award is contended for by students seeking to offer their personal essay regarding Ayn Rand's famous novel, Fountainhead. The person winning receives in cash $10,000. All students from all colleges are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Klingon Language Institute Award

There is a scholarship available to those Star Trek fans who are die-hards. $500 awards are available to those students studying how to speak Klingon.

John Gatling Scholarship

If someone has the last name of either Gatling or Gatlin they can be considered. If that person wants to attend North Carolina State they have a shot at a full scholarship. More info can be gotten from the University at (919) 515-2421.

These are only a few of the more unusual scholarships that are available. The good news is there are many others that may apply to different people in different circumstances. It is certainly worth the time and effort to look for one that a person thinks they might qualify for.