Battery operated night lights are a great way to shine the way in that dark hallway for those who get up in the night, or don’t want to disturb people when they do move around. 

The beauty of using one that works on batteries is that now you are not restricted to electrical outlets in the walls.  If you have a dark corner that you would like to gently illuminate in the night, but that area doesn’t have an electrical outlet, then, consider getting one of these portable battery operated ones.  The batteries last for a good long time.

But you can get different styles of these adorable lights that work well for helping children get to sleep too.  They are not only for that dark corner of the hallway, but they can also help to get your kids to calm down and go to sleep, which can be hard in a different environment.

Cloud B Turtle

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle
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(price as of Sep 8, 2016)
this is an adorable addition to a child's room.

They come equipped with 3 x AAA batteries, and will run for a good couple of months.  They are on a 45 minute timer, so that you are not wasting the batteries after they fall asleep, and they are created in fun toy shapes.  I love that they simply turn off after 45 minutes. 

This can be a calming nice way to fall asleep!  So, the night lights of yesterday have come a long way.  You can get still get the lights that plug into electrical outlets in the hallways and bathrooms or near doorways, but they have bulbs that last longer, are not hot,  and are a great help for anyone who gets up in the night.

But also consider using battery operated ones, either to lighten up those dark areas in the halls, bathrooms and doorways in the rest of the house that don’t have electrical outlets or at the cottage for example or even camping, or look at the latest in these lights for kids that will actually help them to get to sleep for the cost of a few batteries every couple of months.

 These work perfectly when you are travelling too, and at the cottage where electrical outlets may be far and few or if any, and are a wonderful way to get kids to feel comforted when away from home.

These are the perfect way to create a calming environment, but I think they should not be restricted to just kids!  These would work well for me too!  But I am a big kid at heart.

If you are looking for battery operated night lights then check the lighting stores, and children’s stores, but you can also get a great variety of these on sites such as Amazon.

Turn your child’s room into a calming beautiful starry night.