The first stroller that my wife and I used with any regularity with our newborn son was the Graco Snugride. The Snugride is also frequently called the Graco Snap And Go stroller frame which is named after the generic Snap N Go infant stroller frame designed for use with all brands of infant car seats.

The Graco Snugride was great because it fit perfectly our Graco car seat but also because it was such a small form that it took up hardly any space in our trunk when it was folded up and because it was relatively easy to fold up in the first place.

I definitely recommend the Snugride stroller frame to new parents with Graco car seats or at least the Snap ‘N Go stroller frame for owners of other types of infant seats but unfortunately small newborn babies do not stay so small for very long and after a while they want to be sitting upright and looking around at the world around them.

Our First Main “Big Boy” Stroller Had To Fold Up Small And Easily

When this happened to our son at around 6 months we knew it was time to phase out the Snugride frame and get a “big boy” stroller for him in its place. We didn’t however have the ability to just upgrade to a huge stroller system because our car was only so big and we didn’t have a garage to store it in outside of the car. We needed a small form stroller that would fold easily and small but still remain comfortable and durable.

I’ve noted before in many of my other articles that I like to buy and sell used strollers on Craigslist for a profit on the side and this activity makes it really easy for me to try out plenty of different stroller to get a good idea of what I like. By doing this I stumbled onto my favorite stroller for errands and everyday use, the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. After we used this a few times we knew this would be our go to stroller of choice for a number of reasons including the way the stroller folded.

This Stroller Is Simple To Fold Up… And I Love That About It

Talk about simplicity in folding, the City Mini stroller is about as simple as it gets when it comes to folding the thing up for storage or for carrying it around by hand. When the baby has been removed from the seat and after you have taken anything you have been toting around in the under carriage storage basket all you have to do to fold it up is grab the fabric folding handle located in the seat and pull up.

A simple pull, as if you were going to pick the stroller off the ground, causes the middle of the seat to rise and the sides of the stroller to collapse backwards on itself and in less than a second the whole thing is folded up completely in your one hand and you are carrying the thing. You can’t even dream of a stroller that could fold quicker or with more simplicity.

Of course a quick and easy folding mechanism would be nothing in my opinion if it didn’t fold up to a small footprint for storage and this stroller does just that. When you fold it up it will lay very flat for storage in the trunk of a car or for hanging it from the wall in a garage or storage room in your home. Basically the folded stroller takes up very little room so you can store it just about anywhere with little trouble.

I’m sure there are other strollers which fold up smaller and easier out there but they may not be of this high quality and the price on the City Mini is pretty affordable. We bought ours new on Amazon during a one day sale for only about $150. Typically the stroller sells for more but as always sales happen from time to time and used strollers in good condition found on Craigslist are almost always worth buying.

If you need a stroller that’s easy to fold I recommend this stroller but it’s not for everyone. As I mentioned before, this stroller isn’t going the be a good stroller for hiking; for that you need something else like a BOB Revolution SE or some other similar hiking stroller.