Modern logo design trends can help businesses and logo designers get fresh ideas when it’s time to create a logo. If you’re starting a new business, you have to think about branding. If you want your business to seem forward thinking and innovative don’t forget about the details, like creating a captivating logo. In fact, many large companies that have been around for decades have re-branded themselves in recent times, and changed or at least tweaked their logos to reflect new ideas.

While you shouldn’t jump on every design bandwagon, logo design trends can give you clues as to what styles have reached saturation or are outdated. You want to be able to jump out from the pack and not blend in with the thousands of other logos. Using lots of Photoshop tricks in a single design is passé. Animals are on their way out and so are two or more arrows pointing at each other. However, tweaking an old concept to make your logo look fresh is good.

You may decide to make your own logo or hire a design firm or even crowd source it. Which ever way you go, it helps to first take a look at some emerging trends in logo design. The following trends have started to take off in the last year, and show signs of having staying power for a while. The examples included here are very simple illustrations that are only meant to help explain a trend.


Transparent and Interlinking Elements

Transparency works very well with some of the other trends, as shown later on. It allows for multiple elements to interlink with one another without washing out specific colors. It also invokes a timeless and delicate quality, so there’s less of a chance that your logo will become outdated too soon. If you want your logo to indicate multiple qualities, you could use many transparent elements interlinking to make one image. Several transparent and popular icons may be interlinked to portray what your business is about. Many elements in the same shape but different colors can interlink to create a pattern.

 Modern logo design trends - Transparency, Interlinking, Focus DistortionCredit: Claudine Lewis

Focus Distortion

Here, edges of objects are blurred or distorted, like what you get when using a camera to focus on only one object in the frame. This type of design is an example of capturing visual qualities from the non-digital world. It makes the viewer want to take a second look and exudes an ethereal feel.


A Seedling For the Environment

Modern logo design trends - Seedling(112990)The whole green-thinking trend in recent years has made many companies want to portray themselves as environmentally-friendly, using themes like trees and nature in their logos. This trend has reached saturation, and companies that are really green have started to look at other ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd. One modern way is to use an image of a sprout or seedling, which signifies new beginnings.



Modern logo design trends - Sticker Reveal(112989)Credit: Claudine LewisA Sticker Reveal

In the past, there have been a few logos using the peeling sticker or violator, which is used in packaging. The current tweak is a peeling sticker showing a glimpse of something valuable.



Carved or Tied Up Sphere

These 3D looks are achieved by intricately carving out a pattern in a hollow sphere or tying up something with twine so that it feels like the object will unfurl when untied. These types of logos indicate a global thinking and a well run business.


Modern logo design trends - Gathering of Geometric ShapesCredit: Claudine LewisA Gathering of Geometric Shapes

This is an example of an extension of a popular past trend - pixel logos. Here, a repeatable pattern is created when similar geometric shapes in a common color palette are clustered together. The transparency and interlinking trends can also be used in conjunction with this to portray several elements working together towards a common goal.



Modern logo design trends - Twisted Logos

Twisted Shapes

To portray flexibility or change, shapes like rectangles and ovals are twisted and curved to create a new shape. Again, transparent shapes can also be used. 


Artistic Brush

As another example of the digital world trying to capture aspects of the physical world, watercolors are no more used just for the background. This artistic style uses natural colors and textures with a brush stroke effect.


Common Theme With Many Trends

Many of the above design trends have influenced certain other aspects of logo creation. Watercolors, focus distortion, transparency and interlinking means that muted colors and pastels work better than dark and saturated colors in many cases. One thing is clear though, the use of multiple colors in one logo is more popular than just one color.

Another aspect that is important in logo design is whether the logo can translate well to a small favicon or app button without becoming unrecognizable. Since the digital world is going mobile, cluttered designs don’t work well in these cases.

Many businesses are also creating a series of logos that are meant to be cousins, using each member of the series for a different product or for every major event. Apple’s cousin logo series is a case in point.

For more ideas about what’s hot and what’s not, LogoLounge has a large database of logos submitted by designers and companies, and they publish a series of books dedicated to logo design. The important thing to remember before making or picking a design is that even today's modern logo design trends will one day become obsolete, so get on the train before it leaves the station.


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