Healthcare as a career is one of the strongest in the recession today. Young people have many choices from nurses to phlebotomists to office assistants and medical coders. This article will deal with just the International Coding Diagnosis portion of this vocational study. It was found many years ago that there are so many diagnosis and so many subsections of these diagnosis that a numerical system, one that is the same all over the world was the only thing to keep everything straight. Otherwise, a physician on one side of the world could interpret a diagnosis as one thing when actually it meant something entirely different.

The ICD 9 and ICD 10 books are updated yearly and a new one comes out every October. There are many versions for an ICD 9 book but they all contain the same information. A main diagnosis then multiple sections that belong to that diagnosis.

For instance diabetes. There are many things in diabetes that can still be attributed back to that one diagnosis. Kidney failure. However, the main reason the person kidney failed was due to diabetes. Amputation of a lower extremity. Again, it was due to an ulcer that lead back to diabetes.On top of that one the ulcer itself must be coded separately.

ICD 9 coding can be carried out to five or six digits and these numbers tell the physician, the coder, and the biller exactly what was done for testing and what was done for surgeries and what was done for diagnosis. For ICD 9 does not just carry diagnosis. It carries diagnosis used in testing, diagnosis for trauma, burns, open wounds and codes for all types of surgeries. It is very important that the physician, the nurses, and the lab technologists all write down exactly what they did and why they did it. That also goes right back to the physician. His first and foremost diagnosis will be the most important one. Everything that is done must be tied to a specific diagnosis with a specific reason for every item of tests and services given to that patient or else the billing will not be correct and the procedure could be enied by the insurance or could result in not being billed at all.

There are many vocational healthcare schools and classes that teach ICD 9 coding. It is a wonderful way to assist in the healthcare business, assist people, nurses, physicians and everyone in the healthcare process get expert answers for the diagnosis and billing issues. Some well known online schools offer this schooling and assist with finding help obtaining a job following graduation! The University of Phoenix, The Walden University, Capstone College just to name a few. Many community colleges may be the better way to go if online learning seems too impersonal and a more structured learning environment is your way to go.

The most important part is to just make up your mind what it is you are wanting to focus on and set your goal then do it!

There are many other things to learn but healthcare is my field, hence the encouragement for vocational healthcare. However, talk with your families, friends, ministers and other students as well as got to the community colleges and introduce yourself to the registrar. The registrar of any college or university can be an invaluable ally. The registrar will assist you in learning all the programs offered and who to introduce yourself to in order to get started on the right path! Good Luck!