I am in my early 40's and I have to say that I don't look my age at all. Every time I go out or even to the supermarket, I get asked for ID, which in most cases is very flattering but in some cases it's not especially at work. I am petite, small body frame, 5'4" in height and I weigh only 8 stone but that is me, I hardly put on weight because I have a high metabolism. 

There is no secret to looking young, it all depends on ones diet and lifestyle at the end of the day. I know for a fact there are millions of women my age who have taken to plastic surgery to look younger but if you look close up to them it shows that they are older and they have had the retouching effect. One thing that I do find difficult to get rid off is the bit on the top part of my hips/thighs, but with a lot of exercise it will go away.

I for one don't smoke as I believe that smoking can make your skin age quicker than it actually is and the other is the sun, real or artificial, like sun beds, which are totally bad for anyone. When I lived in Italy, I had a couple of friends who would spend all day laying on the beach to get a tan, they wanted to look like me which I thought was ridiculous because my golden colour is natural due to the fact that I am half Italian and half Indian, I have been blessed with a lovely complection. I even had a teacher at high school who would say the exact thing, that she wanted to have a complection like mine. You can't, end of story, one needs to wake up and smell the coffee, because we are all different, we are individuals, that's what makes us unique. You cannot be like someone else, you have to learn to accept yourself for who you are and if others don't like it then that's their problem. If you don't like yourself, how can you expect others to like you? It has to start with you, and then others will follow.

Going back to why I look so young, I guess you could say that it has something to do with my genes,  because both my parents looked very young for their age too, but I also think that it has something to do with your everyday life and diet. You see, I believe that eating a lot of red meat could do you more harm than good, because it is a known fact that it takes a lot longer to digest once it's in your stomach and intestines than any other meat and whilst it is there, a total of 3 days according to some studies, it releases toxins into your system, this will make your skin dry, apart from the fact that lack of water too would make your skin dry but so does red meat, hence creating effect of wrinkles. I eat very little red meat, I am more a fresh fruit, veg and fish person, drink lots of liquid, not always water as long as it's healthy, I find water very boring to drink so I tend to mix it with something, grapefruit juice is the best. I do some exercise during the week but I make a habit of walking everywhere possible, rather than take the bus or tube, if its walking distance why drive or take the bus, walk even if it will take you 30 mins. If I do have to eat meat it's usually chicken or turkey, I hate pork, it is one of those meats that really doesn't have any taste and 9 out of 10 its dry and horrible. Out of red meat, the only one I will eat is Lamb Cutlets, the best and they have to be marinaded in my secret sauce then grilled, eat them with either wild rice or green salad, very healthy. I eat these at least twice a month and not more.

As for cosmetics, some people may laugh at this but I have total faith in it, I use only one facial cream and cleansing gel, that is Oil Of Olay. I have used them since I was 12 years old and I tried to change it, using other creams but I came out in spots because the other products didn't agree with my skin. I use a day cream, complete and normal, not the anti-aging stuff as I don't believe in them, but the normal every day cream, then there is a night cream and an eye contour gel. The little bottle it comes in (eye gel), lasts about 6-8 months because you only need a tiny bit on your finger and you rub it around your eyes. Those are my creams, nothing special and they don't cost much, less than  £10 each. As for make-up, I only use L'Oreal and Max Factor, they are the best and work wonders for my skin tone.

When I went to the supermarket this afternoon, I bought some wine and went to the self-checkout point, and as I passed the wine through, it said "approval needed". The young attendant came over and looked at me and asked how old I was, I told him my age, he looked at me in disbelief, he said I looked between 18-24 years, very funny, he then told a colleague of his too who looked at me totally fascinated. There was a woman next to me on the other till, and she said the same thing that I don't look anything like my age.

I don't have a single wrinkle and I am over 40 years, yet sometimes I look at people a lot younger than me, even in their 20's they already have wrinkles. There are some celebrities who are in their early 20's too, yet they look older than my mother and I ask myself, "how is it possible that they look so old at their age"? The kind of lifestyle they live, lack of sleep, too much alcohol, smoking, and everything else they do.

There is a down side to looking so young, and that is no one takes you seriously when you talk, they all seem to think that you are too young to understand anything and there is also lack of respect, specially in the work place. I am constantly having to defend myself because I work with idiots who seem to think that they are by far the  more intellectual person than everyone else, when they are not.  Looking young does have its pro's and con's and my advice to anyone, both men and women, is watch your diet, and if you smoke try to cut down on it, smoking doesn't only cause cancer but also aging of the skin. Try and avoid using the sun-bed, it  is terribly bad for the health, apart from the fact that you could get skin cancer, but it ages your skin too and for some people just makes you look ridiculous when you over do the tan. 

Why try to be someone you are not, learn to accept yourself as you are and others will accept you too. The other part of me that a lot of people have asked me about is my bust, and no I've never had breast implants, mine are perfectly natural and just the right size and look better than those of a young 20-year-old nowadays. I am natural from head to toe and I have my parents and the Lord to thank for that but most of all myself for looking after my health. I am proud of who I am and you need to learn to feel that way about yourself too.