Many people want to have a good collection of furniture for their homes, but space is often a major issue. This is normal, and when space becomes a major issue for your home and open space is at a premium, one of the best ways to deal with the situation is to look at the many types of space-saving furniture which area available. One example of this would be the Ikea folding bar stool, which have a great reputation not only for saving space but also for their construction designs which emphasize durability, ergonomic comfort, and functionality. In other words, for the price they're a great buy which help save on space.

The Ikea folding stools are ideal not only for a kitchen or dining area (areas which are notorious for having the least amount of usable floor space) but also work for man caves, as extra seating in a dorm room, or in a group room. All these benefits help explain the popularity, and they save a lot of floor space in the meantime. Once things get cramped or you need more space, fold them up, but them in the garage or in a closet and don't worry about it!

While there are many different options to choose from, the Franklin bar stool is perhaps the most popular model of them all. They're known for comfort, give a supportive backrest, and also even have a foot rest for a little bit extra comfort and support. Add in the space savings and you have a nice bit of furniture there which fits into many homes.

The biggest concern with any type of folding stool, chair, or other piece of furniture are the safety concerns as many people seem to think that this type of furniture is less stable and less steady than solid furniture that is not built with moving or folding parts. The good news is that modern designs and materials make these worries moot. These Ikea stools are built to last.

Maintenance is easy as you can clean these stools simply by wiping them with a soft damp washcloth. Nothing fancy and no special cleaning needed. Follow that up by drying with a towel to avoid having the paint flake off and you're in amazing shape. The quality is amazing for the price that they charge, and if you're looking for that exceptional piece of space saving folding furniture, then these Ikea designs might be ideal for you.