Liposuction has quickly become one of the various medical techniques used for removing unwanted fat. The procedure has involved persons both young and old, especially women, who tend to be more self-conscious of their personal appearance.  While at times in the past these procedures have had somewhat of a negative connotation, modern technology has made them safer and more effective than ever.  This is good news for any individual who is in good shape, but wants to get rid of that excess fat which just won't go away or can't be spot fixed.

Traditionally, the procedure of liposuction usually has entailed the surgical removal of fat from whatever part of the body that the person desired. But the medical practice has been somewhat controversial because some consider it to be risky, even dangerous. It has also been very costly for many people, and that reason alone some have refrained from the procedure even though they may have personally desired to do so.  In the past there were even deaths resulting from outdated equipment being used by individuals who were not properly trained and certified to use that equipment.  However, even then these were very few and far in between, but they were a legitimate concern to individuals trying to take short cuts.

In recent years, the above medical procedure has taken new strides in its methods of removing unwanted fat, making the procedure as painless as humanly possible. Today, it seems that more and more people are opting for non-surgical liposuction. What is non-surgical liposuction and what does it entail?  This can be hard to answer as there is more than one method, in addition to the fact that most people consider low impact liposuction as the same as being "non-surgical" even if that's not completely or 100% correct.

Non-surgical liposuction is basically a viable alternative to traditional liposuction, in which fat is not surgical removed, but instead is 'melted' away by use of various techniques, such as laser surgery, ultrasonics and even injections of certain chemical agents that some claimed has actually helped in removing unwanted body fat.  Tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, and laser liposuction are all examples of these new safer techniques, and they can also be safer than old methods in addition to actually being more effective and less costly.

Non-surgical liposuction can involve removal of any fat on any part of the body; whether it is the face, back, cheeks, neck, buttocks, chin, or even a person's knee or whatever part of the body they want fat removed.  They use less invasive techniques to be safer and cause far less trauma on the body than the old methods did.   This makes non surgical liposuction far more appealing as an option

One of the previous-mentioned ways that is now being used in non-surgical removal of fat from the body is ultrasonics, not to be confused with "Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction" which is another method used. Instead, this form of non-surgical procedure is said to be the most effective way of removing fat and is considered the most popular. Its benefits are that it is reportedly painless, there is is no recovery time and has no known side effects.  One of the major benefits of modern forms like ultrasonic is that since they've been adopted, there isn't one case of a fatality when used by a licensed and board certified plastic surgeon trained in using the equipment properly.

But despite the advances that have been made in liposuction surgery in recent years, not everyone will agree; some feel that such a procedure is still nonetheless dangerous. And there is no denying that in very rare cases side effects have been experienced by a very small minority, so you can't discount this complaint that quikcly.  But the use of non-surgical liposuction is only an alternative, whether one chooses to use such or use the conventional or traditional methods is up to the individual, if they choose to use any of such at all.  There are always more long term ways to get the same results, although few exercises can actually "spot attack" fat cells, which is why so many people who are generally in great shape choose to undergo this procedure in order to look even better.

Surgical or non-surgical liposuction-What will it be? Again, only you, the individual patient can decide what is best or not best for you.  That said, if you are stuck in a lipo type of situation then it if far better to go with the more modern low impact procedures.  They are safer, they are more effective when it comes to aesthetic appearances and you can enjoy a much lower down time as recovery is often quick and relatively painless with far more people reporting soreness as a side effect as opposed to actual pain.