The screen's physical nature of attachment to the rest of the X60 is one of the most characteristic traits of the entire X line. In fact, very little of the screen is actually attached at all. Other than a single rotating spindle, the screen is freestanding, and able to rotate about very fluidly. By divorcing typing position from viewing position, the X60 enables you to more easily find comfort no matter where you happen to be using your computer.

One simple error people often make is confusing similar-sounding models, such as the X60 and the X60s. The X60s has weaker system specs, and also lacks the security features of the X60. Most notably, the X60 benefits from a scanner to identify users based on fingerprints. This allows you to key your computer to yourself in a way that can't be faked or guessed around.

Both hard drive size and memory are somewhat variable, depending on the seller involved and your personal specifications. You can expect a true X60 to not be under 40GB or over 100GB in most cases, as well as being equipped with half a gig to a full gig of RAM. While the RAM is probably the most constraining detail for today's software, there is room in the machine for up to four gigs of memory, which is more than enough for even the most demanding games and graphics programs.

You may be a little surprised at how powerful the X60's processor turns out to be. Unlike many other laptops of its time, the X60 comes with a dual core processor by default, rather than a single core. Swapping in a single core one is still possible in many cases, if you find the dual cores redundant for your purposes.

Thinking these days is that a computer that you can take anywhere is worthless if it can't connect to a wireless network easily. There's little need to worry about this with the X60, which comes with standard broadband access through doubled antennae, as well as Bluetooth. This allows you access to all the necessary internet 'hot spots' wherever you may be.

Like many other models of PCs, the X60 **Lenovo tablet PC** can be ordered from many sellers with a number of buyer-specified options. If the X60 seems a little too weak to you, or a little too expensive, you should look into configure to order offerings at different stores. This lets you substitute more or less powerful system parts, such as memory or hard drives, so that you can either lower the cost or get a slightly more powerful computer.

The battery is the most notable part of the entire X60 **Lenovo tablet PC**, for many users. Even by the standards of today, it offers an excellent duration before requiring a recharge, which is more than can be said of many other tablets. If your primary interest is in something that will stay powered for a long time before you need to find an outlet, the X60 should definitely be something on your list to look at.

If you buy the X60 today, you can get it for around five hundred dollars without having to look around much. This is a mere fourth of the original price of the machine. This drastic price reduction isn't so much due to changes in the X60, it's simply because there are newer models with higher specs out. But if you can tweak the specs to your liking, or don't need that power in the first place, then you'll find the X60 a fine choice.