If you are looking for sugar glider babies for sale, you will want to do your research as they are much different than owning a dog or a cat. This article contains some useful information on sugar gliders, and on sugar gliders food and sugar gliders supplies.

Sugar gliders can be found in the wild in Indonesia, Australia, Tasmania, and Papua New Guinea. They are nocturnal animals. They slightly resemble squirrels and can grow up to 12 inches long. Their fur can vary in color, however they typically will have a black stripe from their nose to their back. They have a membrane which stretches from their fingers to their toes and allows them to glide up to 150 meters.
Interesting fact: Male sugar gliders have a double shafted penis.


Sugar Gliders Food

Sugar gliders food sources consist mostly of sap off of eucalyptus and acacia trees, and insects. If they do not get enough calcium hypocalcemia can set in, which would mean that their hind legs would go paralyzed. So if you are in the market for a sugar glider babies for sale, please make sure you feed them properly. Typically a pet sugar glider babies diet would consist of things such as fruit, vegetables, mealworms, eggs, crickets, yogurt, and various supplements. Your choosing of you sugar gliders food is important, so ensure that you do proper research before looking for sugar glider babies for sale.

Sugar Gliders Supplies

If you are looking for sugar glider babies for sale, you will not only need to budget for the purchase of the animal, but you will also need to purchase sugar gliders supplies. Sugar gliders food has already been covered above, some necessary sugar gliders supplies that you will want to consider purchasing are as follows:

- Sugar glider cages (should set your back $200 - $400)
- Odor control products
- Cage accessories (bedding, swings, and other objects to climb)
- Exercise wheels
- Bonding pouches
- Feeding accessories

People often underestimate the cost of purchasing a new pet. Make sure that you are able to provide a good home by being fully prepared with adequate sugar gliders supplies.

Sugar Glider Babies for Sale

So you now know a little more about which sugar gliders supplies, and sugar gliders food you will need….Now you just need to find sugar glider babies for sale. Sugar gliders are legal as pets in the majority of US states. Since they are a rare pet, prices vary when purchasing your sugar glider. The odd pet shop has sugar glider babies for sale, but chances are you will need to go to a sugar glider breeder.

If you have a sugar glider as a pet, chances are that you have a fairly unique pet in your circle of friends. Provided you spend enough time with your sugar glider (at least 1 hour per day) a bond will form and they make for a very interesting, cute, and social pet.