In these difficult economic times, it often makes sense to cut your housing costs by having a roommate and sharing the expense. Get the right roommate, and there are great social advantages in addition to the financial ones. But get the wrong roommate, and you could be looking at some hard stressful times. Here is a "prospective roommate checklist" of things to consider when selecting a new roommate. Consider your opinions and feelings on each item and check with your pending roommate on their feelings on those checklist items where you think it might mattter to you. Brought to you by I Love Checklists

Prospective Roommate Checklist

Personal Life Choices

1. Sex life - promiscuity issues, sexual orientation, feelings about one night stands, having sexual partners over the house, etc.
2. Drinking and drug use
3. Cigarette or cigar smoking - will they keep it outside?
4. Religion
5. Eating habits - vegetarian?
6. Recycler?
7. Conservative or liberal?
8. I Love Partys? or I Love Straight-A's?
9. Image conscious - status conscious compatible? Drives old pick up truck? Drives flashy Land Rover?

Personal Belongings

1. What personal items, especially large items, will they be bringing? This is an issue of discussing where everything will go, and who can use what. Maybe they do not want anyone touching their expensive stereo system. Maybe you want to know they have headphones for that system for when you are studying or sleeping. Maybe there is not room for two big couches in your small two bedroom apartment.

Household Responsibilities

1. Will they help with vacuuming, mopping, picking up?
2. What kind of dishwashing philosophy does he/she have? Not just will they do their share, but are they in the wash immediately after using crowd, or the pile them up to a large stack to wash group?
3. What about messes made by visitors and guests you each have over?

Life Schedule

1. Is the person a student?
2. Night owl or early bird?
3. Work schedule conflicts?
4. Away from home often, or stay at home a lot?
5. Party animal or quiet not so social person?
6. How often does this person want to have houseguests? How well will they know the houseguests they bring into your home?

Sleeping Habits

1. Does this person snore really loud?
2. How quiet is this person when you are sleeping, and how quiet does this person need it when he or she is sleeping?
3. How late does this person sleep in - timing of sleep.

Personal Preferences

1. Watch lots of television? What shows? How high do they turn the volume?
2. What type of music do they like, how loud, and when do they like to listen to it? Compatible with you?
3. Prefer to relax at home or go out to the clubs? This will effect how much they have other people over?
4. What about food and cooking sharing? Will they take your last beer or chocolate truffle?

House Guests

1. This is discussed elsewhere, but is a big deal. You not only have to get along with your roommate, but put up with any house guests and significant others they have. This is not just a social issue, but also a security issue. If they bring home people they barely know, how do you know your expensive laptop does not disappear? What about sex noise and attitudes? Public display of affection? Some are comfortable with a roommate and their significant other making out on the living room couch, and some are not.

Financial Issues

1. What kind of budget is the person on?
2. Can you rely on this person to pay their share?
3. How will you divide up and pay the rent, electric, water, phone, and heating/air conditioning?
3. Is this person interested in contributing to extras like cable TV or internet service?
4. Some people take long showers, some people freak out about running up the water bill. Also applies to things like where the thermostat will be set. This is a financial and personal preference issue, consider it from both angles.

If you have some more ideas we should add please let us know in the comments below. We hope this prospective roommate checklist is useful to you. If so, tell others about it.