There are a number of reasons why you should consider netbook deals when you need to replace your computer or even when searching for a back-up for your main computer.  Netbooks are designed not to replace computers, but to do a few of the jobs full-bore computers do without the hefty sticker price.  Smaller and much less expensive than a laptop, netbooks are great for use as a spare for on the move.  Netbooks have created their own special niche somewhere between a tablet and a laptop, and each time a new feature is added to a netbook, they gain in general utility.

Power upgrades

The netbook deals that are around at the moment display the potential power of netbooks.  You can carry out most of the same tasks on a netbook as you can on your main computer.  However, the smaller screen and keyboard can make spending long periods of time on them a bit irksome.  The netbook, at its core, is intended for sending emails, browsing online and for keeping in touch.  It is a step up from a smartphone while it is not quite the power that we have come to expect from a portable computer.

Getting hooked in

There are a number of connectivity options now with netbooks which makes them a much more viable option for those who want to use them on the move.  Wi-Fi and 3G are just two of the options and with more and more public places offering Wi-Fi it makes more sense to use this as it will cost nothing.

Device compatible

You can add all the peripheral equipment that you need when using your netbook.  There are both Ethernet and USB options to add items such as a bigger screen or keyboard.  You can add a standard mouse if you need to and it is possible to hook them up to a printer at home or work too.  Most have good storage space on their hard drives and are given a reasonable amount of RAM, although not usually as much as on a standard computer.   

Money is everything

The price of a netbook is the main attraction for many people and you will find that is very easy to get a high spec netbook for far less than £200.  As long as you do not expect to be able to do everything on your netbook that you do on your main computer you will find it more than adequate.   You will not need to purchase a special bag for the netbook as it can fit into a standard bag or briefcase and the battery life on the netbook should give you around 6 hours of usage before it needs to be charged, which is plentiful for a day’s work.

Who needs one

Netbook deals are often aimed at business users and students as they are perfect for meeting the needs of both.  Those who use their computer for streaming lots of videos or music or gaming may find that it is not as powerful as their old computer and care will need to be taken if trying to multi-task as this could seriously slow the netbook down.  Go into the purchase with the right expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised by what the netbook is capable of.