Looking for a the Ideal Bedtime story for a 2 Year Old

Things I Love About Bedtime - Trace Moroney

The Ideal Toddlers Bedtime Storey

Ideal Bedtime story for a 2 Year Old

If you are looking for the ideal bedtime story for a 2 year old or any child around the toddler age then I can highly recommend 'Things I Love About Bedtime' by Trace Moroney.  This is a charming little story told from the perspective of a young rabbit as it is preparing for bed.  The Rabbit talks about the special people in its lives, Mummy, Daddy and friends.  It also discusses the best moments of its day and positively covers the steps taken to prepare for bedtime. It is a heart warming little story sure to entertain not only your child but you as well.

'The Things I Love About Bedtime' is appropriate for both young girls and boys as the main characters gender is not revealed.  The illustrations are very beautiful and the quality of the paper and binding is very high.  It is a book parents will want to keep as a memento of that special time shared during the early years of their children's lives.  Regularly reading this book to your child will help develop a special bond and will likley provide a basis for a life long love affair with books.  It is well know that regularly reading to young children helps with brain development, particularly speech development and this book with its rich visual content will certainly deliver in this way.  It is also a great way to relax your child helping them cope with the bedtime routine.  Your child will get to know the story and begin to recognise and connect with the images it sees on a regular basis. This can encourage confidence and make the child feel reasured.Tracey Morooney has written other books including her "Feelings" box set which is a fantastic exploration of the various emotions a child goes through during their day.  This series is also a must have with the same high quality finish and fantastic illustrations.      

If you are looking for that ideal bedtime story for a 2 year old or older, one that you can truly cherish for years to come then I urge you to give this one a try.